Girl’s Varsity Golf Qualifies for CIF


Our Girls Golf team in a stance promoting thier hashtag #whatsyourwhy showing empowerment. This photo was posted on the ERHS official Athletics page on twitter,@AthleticsERHS. This was pposted right after their announcement of receiving the opportunity of competing in C.I.F.

Jazmyn Andrews, Journalist

Recently the ERHS Girls Varsity Golf team won their first tournament of the season. This certain game was against King High School from Riverside, and the score was 191-210, and our own Roosevelt golf team won. 

Some of our girls teams score was Karen Kim of a lower score than 32, Sharon Kim, 37, Nathalie Jabonero,40, Rachel Chiang 40, and Nia Fontelera of 42.

Another victory that Roosevelt’s team was won is against Corona High School at Dos Lagos. The score was 192-299, low scores were from Karen Kin with 35, Bella Ly with 36 and Sharon Kim with 38.  

With all these wins Roosevelt’s 

This photo was taken after the victory against Martin Luther King High School, and made history at Roosevelt for defeating King High School for the first time. This photo was posted by the @AthleticsERHS on Twitter, which include the varsity team and the coaches for the Girls Golf Team.

Golf team for girls is now qualifies for C.I.F. Regional Tournament, which are great accomplishments for these girls and for our school receiving recognition for our golf team. Nathalie Jabonero, a member of the Girls Varsity Golf team has a few words about entering into C.I.F.,”I’m excited for this year is to do well in C.I.F., since this is our first time EVER that we qualified as a team.” Other winnings for the golf team against Upland,and Glendora. 

 In the game of golf the lower score is how you win the game, taking less shots to score. 

The team continues to make record breaking achievements in Roosevelt history and they are now in the League with 2-0 and Overall 6-0. Our school is extremely proud of these girls working so hard and spreading tr Roosevelt pride, Elizabeth Ramos who is in the Girl’s Golf team, a Junior, explains what golf means to her,”I’ve been on the team for three years now and I’ve seen it all and I can tell you it meant the world and more.” She is also proud of how much effort and hard work that everyone has put in and it has certainly paid off.

Our varsity girls have had so much fun during these winnings that the team has invented their own hashtag ,# . This meaning of this hashtag is that since our varsity team can defeat these obstacles and others cannot, “ what’s” your excuse for not succeeding. I love this hashtag spreading women empowerment. Ramos further thought into her perception of golf,” It’s a game, but it represents life to me; my favorite quote is “golf is the closest game to the game of life, you get bad breaks from good shots and good breaks from bad shots but you have to play the ball where it is.” This beautiful comment and quote given is the perfect example of what golf is very important.

The next couple of tournaments that our Girls Varsity Golf team are competing on Spet. 24,25,26. I created and promoted this poster to spread our appreciation of the team and interest in attending these tournaments.

Roosevelt have spread the word all over social media, many of our staff members and ERHS official pages have posted their tournaments and their progress being made. Jabonero also enjoys the widespread news around campus,”We’ve been practicing almost everyday,and it’s an honor for the girls golf team to finally get recognition!”