Raiders Sign Antonio Brown

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Andrew Mendoza, Writer

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The Oakland Raiders new wide receiver Antonio Brown and his family along with head coach Jon Gruden, far left, and general manager Mike Mayock, far right, pose for photographs following a news conference held at the team’s headquarters in Alameda, Calif., on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group)

Oakland Raiders have officially signed Antonio Brown from the Pittsburg Steelers for a third round and fifth round pick. Antonio announced his separation from the Steelers organization back in February thanking the fans for everything that they have done for him. Social Media was quick to respond on how the Steelers Organization got very little for Antonio Brown. To the extend of ESPN Commentator Stephen A. Smith to say,”They were given a bag of chips and a coke!” No matter what anyone says, the Oakland Raiders have signed an outstanding wide receiver for their offense. With the Raiders season ending on a 4-12 year, the Raiders are looking to come back with a new sense of intensity that its has not seen in years. With the inclusion of Antonio Brown who averaged 12.5 yards per catch, this will allow for them to be a force to be reckoned with.  Some people people believe that Antonio Brown will be a great at Oakland. “KJ” a freshman at Eleanor Roosevelt High School said,” He will lead the Raiders to a successful season and he will go to the Pro Bowl again.” He also explained how the NFL will change immensily. He stated,”The NFL is going to be exciting again for me because of all the players switching teams like Odell Beckham Jr. I think that there will shift in power and I’m excited to see it.” Any thoughts on Antonio Brown leaving Pittsburg? Comment down below your thoughts!