Esteban Cordero: Boxing


giselle xochitiotzi

Boxing has a long history because of the ancient Greeks and it is a good source of entertainment for the whole family and brings good vibes and moments to everyone just like with any sport.  Not only is boxing entertaining, but to be apart of this sport takes much training and skill to win the fight because in order to win the fight you have to understand and study your opponents style because everyone has their style of fighting and it will always be different for every match.

I spoke with Esteban Cordero who is currently a part of this sport and how he feels personally towards it.

“I enjoy it because I like to fight and it is a great coping mechanism for the short temper I have,” Cordero said. He also added that boxing is enjoyable for him because he likes the discipline and dedication that goes with being apart of the sport.

Boxing may be mistaken for something easy to do, especially if you are a muscular person, but there is a lot of technique that takes a big role in this sport and it is more than just being buff and big.

I was able to ask him how long he has been boxing and what motivated him to start taking part in it, Cordero said “I have done boxing since I was eight and what had motivated me to do this were my grandparents because they knew I had the skill for it and the good mindset for the sport.”

What is an amazing aspect of being in a fight or match is having those who believe and support you in your corner because there cannot be anything better than having a great support system. Boxing will continue being apart of Cordero’s life because he always looks up to it as a way to free his mind and to be a favorite hobby of his.