How to Stay Productive in High School

How to Stay Productive in High School

Being productive is an important skill in everyday life, especially in high school. Without this ability, you cannot succeed in your tasks. However, staying productive for school is easier said than done. Heaps of school work, jobs, social media, friends, family, sports and clubs can take up time and make it easier to procrastinate and not get any work done. However, that doesn’t always have to be that way. There are many ways to stay productive that can make a huge difference in school that can change your performance academically. Here are a few tips that I have to continue to be successful in high school:

I always suggest having a clean environment; it can really help to get into a correct mindset. Refrain from working with a big group of friends; while friends can help you with your assignments, they can also distract you from getting work done. Having a nice snack can keep you going while working. Now that you have some tips to help you, let’s ask some fellow Eleanor Roosevelt students for their tips to stay productive in high school.

Having a clean atmosphere can do wonders to stay productive. When my desk is clean, I feel prepared to work!

Ashley Durarti, a sophomore at Eleanor Roosevelt High school, recommends listening to music and talking small breaks in between working on assignments can help you achieve greatness.

Tanvi Gorthy and Vania Gonzalez, sophomores at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, have great tips as well.

“I start off with my easiest subjects since when I finish those, it feels like I have done a lot,” Gorthy told me. “I try to do little by little so I don’t have everything piled up in the last minute. Even if I don’t finish, I try to not work on my homework too much; so I try to finish by 11. Whatever is left will have to be done in the morning or another time. If I ever just can’t do the work or have no motivation to do so, I take a break that day so I’m not forcing myself and therefore hating the activity even more in the future. Taking a break that day helps me not lose my productivity in the whole task entirely.”

Gonzalez also gave her input to the question. ” I am productive in school by using a planner, and I color coded the planner. Pink means online homework and yellow means physical homework. I make sure I have my shoes and school clothes on, that way I feel like I’m at school.”

Tanvi Gorthy (left) and Vania Gonzalez (right), ERHS Sophomores working in Language Arts Honors to prepare for their assessment week

As the school year progresses, staying productive is essential. I hope that these hacks help you to make the most of this semester and the rest of your life. Let me know if you have any tips in the comments below.