One more week of high school! Am I ready for the next chapter?

What have I learned and some messages for the upcoming freshmen


Yazmin Gamboa

I want to start off by saying I did enjoy my senior year- my last two years of high school to be honest. Like I said, my freshman year was rough; It got cut off because of COVID and that’s when they down all the schools. My Sophomore year I did online. It wasn’t too bad because I got to stay home and sleep in, but at the same time, it was hard for me to focus because of all the distractions.

I will say my Junior year was a bit rough in the beginning, but it got better towards the end. I did learn a lot my junior year, many lessons that I will always keep in mind. Some things that I did learn were that nobody sticks around forever and nobody can make promises. If your gut is telling you to keep them, keep them. Make sure they have your back, like you have theirs. I also learned that it’s okay to ride alone. Enjoy your own company, you don’t always have to be with somebody 24/7. Taking time for yourself is always healthier, but just know there is a difference when it comes to being alone versus feeling alone.

One other thing that I learned these past two years is to always give yourself a break. If you feel like you need to stop real quick, then stop. Don’t push yourself just because you want to compete with others. Go at your own pace, you will get where you wanna go when the time’s right.

For the upcoming freshmen, I want to let you know that:

1. It’s okay to not be okay

2. Trust your gut. If you think someone isn’t right for you, remove yourself.

3. Turn your work in on time, because when you know you’re all caught up, you’re going to feel really good about it-about yourself.

4. Self care always comes first. Removing yourself from toxicity is an art of self care.

“Am I ready for my next chapter?”

Everybody always asks me this and my answer is going to be yes and no. I say yes, because I’m ready to move on, I’m ready to see what God has waiting for me. I want to experience new things and do many things. But I also say no, because I know I’m going to miss high school. The work? No. But my best friend, the people I’m close with here. I’m definitely going to miss them.

I asked some other ERHS seniors if they feel ready to graduate, what are some lessons they’ve learned and if they have a message to leave for the upcoming freshmen.

“My senior year was better then what I expected,” Kassandra Castro said. “It was very stressful, but also fun. I am ready to graduate but I’m also scared to take that big step in life. Some lessons I learned this year were to always stay on top of stuff because life isn’t going to wait for me to be ready; like homework, I know in college, teachers don’t accept late work. I also learned that mistakes are okay, just as long as you learn from them. A message I would leave for the upcoming freshmen is to not fall behind, don’t procrastinate, and try staying out of trouble. It is not worth it at all. And just have fun making the most of your high school years.”

“I’m not ready to graduate at all, but at the same time I totally am,” Sophie Agracewicz said. “As much as I don’t want to, I know that everything comes to an end and I should be happy that I get to start a new chapter in life. I’ve learned to let go of the fear of missing out because sometimes the things we don’t do and the experiences that we miss out on, teach us just as much as the things we do. Sometimes just saying ‘no’ is the best decision you can make. My message for the upcoming freshmen, you are not all that, please don’t act like it. Don’t walk slow or in the middle of the halls, stay to the right, save dating for later, those boys aren’t worth your time and honestly just be yourself, it’s not fun trying to fit in.”

“I am so ready to graduate,” Ryan Pon said. “I learned that you can’t always rely on other people and except things from people, they’re going to hurt you later if you always expect them to do something for you. I want upcoming freshmen to know that friends will come and go. It’s okay to lose some friends, better people will come along in the future.”

My message for upcoming freshmen: Do not let anybody tell you that you cannot do it! Don’t let anybody bring down your self esteem. Be yourself. That’s it, honestly be yourself. If you try to be something or someone you’re not, it will not go the route you expected it to. If people don’t want to be your friend because of who YOU are, then they aren’t meant to be in your life. If you’re having a bad day, accept it. If you’re having a good day, accept it and enjoy it.

Enjoy all your years here, because it goes by quickly! If you need help on something, ASK! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because if you hold that fear, I’m telling you, it’s not going to help you.