A Review of Among Us

This is the game Among Us, this is the loading screen that everybody starts on

This is the game Among Us, this is the loading screen that everybody starts on

Abigail Frank and Drew Hardister

Among Us, created by Innersloth, is an online game in which four to 10 players are hurtling through space. Players must attempt to hold their spaceship together and return back to civilization. However, there is an alien imposter aboard trying to sabotage the rest of the player’s journey. The imposter’s goal is to eliminate the rest of the crew before the ship reaches home. The imposter is able to sabotage different parts of the ship, sneak through vents, deceive, and frame others to remain anonymous and eliminate the rest of the crew.

This is the screen that tells you if you’re an Imposter or a Crewmate as you can see she got Crewmate (Abigail Frank)

During the game, crewmates are able to report bodies the imposter has eliminated. When this happens, everybody is sent to a meeting to discuss the whereabouts of the body and any suspicions they might have. Players also have the option to call an emergency meeting, if they feel it is needed. This is the only time alive crewmates are able to communicate with each other. The imposter’s goal is to blend in.

Near the end of the meeting, crewmates are able to vote one player off of the ship. This player is usually the person who was highly suspected by the other crewmates. Players also have the option to skip voting. If the imposter is not voted off, the game continues. However, if the imposter is voted off, the crewmates win. The crewmates’ goal is to complete all their tasks, or vote the imposter off, before the imposter eliminates everybody.

While in the game crewmates must complete tasks to win, this is one of the tasks that a crewmate has to do. (Abigail Frank)

When a crewmate dies or is voted off, they become ghosts. Ghosts still have to complete all their tasks in order to help the other crewmates win. Ghosts can move through walls and are unseen by players who are still alive. Ghosts can communicate with each other, without a meeting, through a chat option.

Players are able to choose what game they want to play based on two main settings: the map and the number of imposters. There are three different maps in Among Us, including ‘The Skeld’, ‘Mira HQ’, and ‘Polus’. The most common map is ‘The Skeld’. Players also have the option to choose how many imposters are on the ship. They can choose to play in a game with one, two, or three imposters. The creator of the individual game room can change more specific settings. The room creator is the only one able to change these settings. These settings include the number of tasks each crewmate has to do, the imposter visibility, the crewmate visibility, the player speed, the amount of time a meeting is held for, and the imposter’s elimination cooldown.

As you can see here Billy Bob was eliminated by an Imposter and when someone eventually finds her body they can report it, and this will bring all the players into a meeting (Abigail Frank)

Many people have only good things to say about the game. They all unanimously agreed that the game is really fun and great for stress relief.

Gail says “My favorite thing about the game is that we can play as a family,” since she has a big family it’s hard to find games that they can play together.

Curtis says “My favorite thing about the game is being the imposter,” he likes to eliminate people, although he doesn’t get imposter that much.

Annika says “My favorite thing about the game is playing with friends,” she says “It’s a great way to bond with people, and get to know new people.”

I asked why they liked the game, Curtis says “I love playing with the family, especially when we’re all in the same room.”

Annika says, “It’s new and different, and it’s very simple, it’s a lot easier than games like Call of Duty, and Fortnite.” The game is fun to play especially with friends and family, and it’s super simple, compared to other games.

“One improvement that I would like to see them make to the game, is when you are the imposter, there should be a private chat for you and the other imposter so you can plan and communicate with your teammate,” said Curtis.

Gail says, “One improvement that I think should be made, is if you don’t get imposter you can’t leave the game, because then you end up with only 5 people in the game and that’s no fun.”

Also, Curtis wishes you didn’t have to pay for skins, although he thinks the game is great none the less.

Among Us is available on both PC, personal computers, and mobile devices. The game can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices. Or it costs $5 to download on a PC.

This is the lobby that people meet in before the game starts (Abigail Frank)