Winter Formal 2019


Richard Nixon Library, Yorba Linda

Janelle Mejia, Journalist

This past Saturday, December 14, was Eleanor Roosevelt High School’s annual Winter Formal dance. This year’s winter ball was themed after the Disney movie, Tangled, and it was filled with lights, lanterns and much more. Held at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, it was the perfect venue to introduce and celebrate the winter season for our students.

ERHS Yearbook
Crowning of Winter Formal royalty

Not only was this year’s Winter Formal dance filled with music and dancing, but it also included karaoke for students to sing their hearts outs, a photo booth to capture the memories, a lot of food options inside and outside, and even included a house tour of Richard Nixon’s old home in what is now the garden of the Richard Nixon Library.

After asking Chiara Beck, a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt high school about her overall thoughts on how this year’s Winter Formal dance went she stated, “Being my senior year, I’m glad I actually had a really good time. I would have to say that with the amount of fun I had tonight, this has had to be my favorite Winter Formal dance I have been to so far in high school.” Moreover, when interviewing Chloe Gonzales, another Eleanor Roosevelt high school senior and asking for her overall insight on this year’s Winter Formal dance she said, “I had a great time with my friends and I’m glad I made the last-minute decision to attend this year! Tonight has had to be one of my highlights so far this year and I hope prom will be just as great or even better.”

Janelle Mejia
The 2019 Winter Formal King, Jared Yim and his friend, Erick Benas

ERHS Yearbook
Winter Formal guests

Moreover, asking both Beck and Gonzales on what their favorite part of the dance was, Chiara stated, “my favorite part of Winter Formal was probably the music and dancing. I was surprised at how good the music was and my friends and I coming together and having a great time on the dance floor.” To add on, Gonzales said that her favorite part of the night was, “the announcing of Winter Formal Queen and King because I enjoyed seeing my friends on the stage and finally knowing who won… and the venue this year was super nice and I like how there were a lot of spots to take nice pictures with my friends.”

ERHS Yearbook
King and Queen of 2019 Winter Formal

This year’s Winter Formal dance was filled with lights, fun, and laughter and there is no doubt that this year’s Winter ball was one to remember.