Office Hours


Yesenia Collado, Journalist

Ruth Logrono a Junior taking advantage of office hours(photo credit to Yesenia Collado)

To the dismay of many students and teachers, as of 2018 office hours have existed at Eleanor Roosevelt high school. To the surprise of many students who weren’t as enthusiastic as the teachers, about 30 minutes of Thursdays and Fridays between your first and second class of each day will be dedicated to helping you with your classes.

As many hustle to office hours trying to get to their class as fast as they can I realized that some students actually take the advantage to ask their teachers questions or retake a test. The reality is that many students dislike the fact that they are required to go to a classroom because they tend to just waste more time deciding what class to go to. For example, Isabel Gomez a senior says, “It’s okay sometimes like I don’t know where to go sometimes but sometimes I need it” she also mentioned “I need more time than 8 minutes to decide what class I want to go to as well.” Although she finds it hard at times other times she finds it useful when she needs help.

According to Sarah Rosas a sophomore, she uses office hours because they are “useful” to her and she also said “its helpful because I need those 30 minutes to go to a class I need help in.” It shows that students find office hours quite useful as well. Yes, office hours can be useful for getting that extra help when you are busy for example athletes who can’t seem to find that extra time after school to ask a question or make up a test. In general, students who can’t come before or after school to get whatever help they need, office hours are a way for them to get the help they need. One bad aspect of office hours is that sometimes the scanner doesn’t work which creates extra work for teachers who have to find another way to know who came to office hours.

Make sure you don’t forget your ID card.

Not only do teachers struggle with scanning in but students as well because some students might forget their ID cards and have to tell their teachers to manually log them in. Overall office hours can either be quite useful or end up being a hassle for students and even teachers.