Roosey Report: Week 4/23-4/29

Aurielle Whitehead, Writer

Hello Mustangs!

We have a lot to cover for this week. First up we have Senior Grad Night. Seniors, it is getting closer and closer to Grad Night at Six Flags Magic Mountain! This event will be on Friday, May 24, from 5:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. From March 1 to May 17, the prices will be $155 with ASB and $160 without ASB. This price will include an annual pass to Six Flags and a scrumptious dinner buffet. In order to participate, you must turn in your permission slips in order to go. These dates are coming up fast, so do not wait until the last minute to buy your tickets!

Next we have Peer Counseling. Peer Counseling is where students provide knowledge, emotional, social or practical help to other students on campus. Peer Counseling is accepting applications to be in the class. Applications are due by Friday, April 26, so if you want to be apart of this amazing class then turn in your applications before Friday!

Last , we have the 2nd Annual Seeds LGBT & Ally Showcase and Exhibit! There will be tons of amazing things to see, such as paintings, photography, poetry and so much more! It is on Tuesday, April 20, 2019,  at 6pm for two dollars. This event will be held in the Theater and CC Center. So go show your support next Tuesday at this fun event!

That is it for this week Mustangs! Have a great weekend and come back next week to find out more important news on the Roosey Review!

Aurielle Whitehead
Senior Grad Night Prices.
Aurielle Whitehead
The QR Code for Peer Counseling Application.
Joshua Dineros
Information about the Seeds Showcase.