The benefits and reasons why I think people should start reading


Yazmin Gamboa

Most people don’t really like reading. Most likely they always dis it, and find an excuse or a reason why they don’t. But what most people don’t understand is why we need to read. Nobody understands that there’s more than just being on the phone 24/7.

I may be on it to listen to music and to search something up, but I’ve realized that, why focus on what everybody else’s doing, when I could be at home or in a classroom reading a book that I can actually picture and imagine. I’ve learned so many things just by reading and being in my own little world. It’s so much different than reading things online, but physically having a book in my hand, feels so good.

A lot of people may not understand or agree to that, and honestly that’s okay. Not everybody is going to be a big fan of reading, but neither was I.

As a kid, my grandma and my mom would try to get me to read books. I was never the type to pick up a book and be like “yeah, let’s read.” And now looking back, I sort of regret it. I’ve slowly realized that reading books helps our brain function a little differently than reading things online. It helps us take more power over the things our brain can actually do.

For example, reading an article online; one, you’re reading through a screen, so as you’re reading this article on the phone, computer, iPad, doesn’t matter, you’re straightening your eyes and your brain won’t function right. Playing with the brightness on your phone while reading can mess up your eyes. But, reading a book, physically in your hand, all you need is a light turned on in the room, wherever, and you don’t really have to straighten your eyes at all and your brain functions in a whole other way.

I want to have a connection with somebody, anybody, doesn’t matter. A connection where all we talk about are books and what we’ve read. Someone who I can always text or call when I get excited when I finish a book, someone who will never get bored or annoyed of me because of me letting them know the “exciting news.” I want to be able to update them no matter what happens. I want to have that type of connection where we feel comfortable coming to each other when we need advice about something and telling each other “the good news” about what we’ve read or what not. All I want is a connection, a deep strong connection nobody will ever understand.

Roosevelt’s Counselor Mr. Sanchez says, “The benefits of reading are- it actually helps with your overall communication, with writing and speaking. I think it depends on the person and you also have to find what topic you’re into. Reading could be beneficial.”

ERHS Language Arts teacher Mrs. Oberdank says, “The benefits for reading, academically are often times the best writers. Writers are also the ones who read the most, because you see writing often when you read, so reading helps your writing. Non academically, it could just help you open your eyes. You can see yourself reflecting within the book.”

Reading does help you improve your writing. Just like literature, literature takes a lot of reading, but it also helps improve in whatever you’re studying.