Music: A Helpful Tool For Everyone

Music can be something that everyone can get something from


Music can be something that everyone can get something from

Drew Hardister and Abigail Frank

When listening to music the listener can make their experience whatever they want it to be, music can also be made for any occasion. Wherever you are you can listen to the music that you want, there are all types of genres for all types of moods too including Rock, Pop, R&B, and Country, as well as many more.

What people commonly don’t know about music is how others feel about it, what music other people listen to can tell you a few things about the listener. People listen to music for all kinds of reasons, some listen because they have nothing to do so it’s entertainment for them, some listen to music when they feel a strong emotion as a kind of therapy, others listen to music when they’re doing work or studying to help them focus, and still others listen to music to drown out the thoughts in their head to make it easier to sleep or to concentrate.

Music is very important to me and it’s a very big part of my life, I listen to music for many reasons. I listen to music when I feel sad because listening to sad songs helps me feel better, I also listen to music when doing homework for a couple of reasons. When doing homework, something nobody really wants to do, it’s very easy to get distracted by noises or voices in the space you’re working, so I listen to music to drown out the sounds of things that would distract me.

Other reasons I listen to music include working out. When doing a workout, music can help distract you from the pain of the workout and help invigorate you to keep going. I also use music to help me sleep. Sometimes while trying to sleep my brain decides to stay awake for hours, but when I listen to music it gives me something that helps quiet my mind and I can sleep easily.

Sometimes I listen to country music when I drive down a long road (amtshow)

One interviewee, who asked to be referred to as G, says he listens to music because it helps get him through his day, and life would be boring without something to take our minds off of things that bother us. Another says she listens to music because she likes to sing, dance and because music is entertaining.

G says, “I listen to music because it helps me focus and learn,” when he doesn’t have music it can be hard for him to focus especially on things that he doesn’t like to do.

Brandee says music is important to her because it helps her express feelings that are otherwise hard to put into words, but she says hearing it in a song, helps her feel connected to it.

Brandee also says “Classical music helps when I have to do math,” when doing things that you don’t like, listening to music can be a way of distracting yourself from the monotony of the process.

Harold says he listens to music to block out the world, whenever he’s doing a hobby or working outside. He says “I listen to rap music when I have to work out, run on the treadmill or lift weights.”

When working out listening to something that’s more upbeat like rap can help you get through it (nspa)

When my brother and I go out for a drive we listen to upbeat songs, like rap and pop, because it puts us in a good mood, so we can enjoy the drive more.

Music is not just some lyrics and chords. Music is an expression of one’s feelings, in a way that simple words can’t do. I am no musical artist. I could not put together a song if my life depended on it. But there are those people who can make songs that the rest of us connect with. I have heard more songs in the past couple of months that I have been able to connect with than I ever have before.

Michelle, says “It makes me feel like I’m not alone in my struggles, my negative thoughts, or my lowest points. Music brings people together in the simplest of ways, but that in itself has the biggest impact. I correlate music to certain events too. I remember the song that was playing when I realized I loved my boyfriend. I remember when a song played and I knew it was going to be our song. I remember the song that was playing when I realized my self-worth again.”

I remember the song that made me realize love is so much more than anyone ever made it out to be. Music is there in the amazing times, the worst times, and all the times in between. Music is like a friend that never leaves. But music is so much more than just some lyrics and chords.

When you listen to music it’s a chance for you to connect your life with other people’s when you feel something others feel it too. Music is a chance for us to speak to each other in ways that no one has been able to do before.

When you listen to music it can connect you to people you never would have met otherwise (istockphoto)