Gardening being a thing during this quarantine


Harlie Anne Valdellon

Gardening: Take time to breathe. Feed your soul. This is much needed especially during this trying times.

Ever since quarantine started, many of us have discovered new hobbies to help lessen the boredom and that includes gardening. Although some people might find gardening to be a waste of time, it actually is a way of relaxing amid this pandemic.

Gardening became a trend in my hometown, the Philippines. I saw photos from my family and friends that they were taking care of cactuses and plants. I became inspired by what they were doing so I decided to try it for myself because I had nothing else to do.

At first, I was having doubts because I said to myself that I do not have a “green thumb,” as they call it. But I still went for it and my first plant was “Cymbidium Orchids.”

I didn’t have any idea how to get started so I asked for help from my aunt. Good thing there was a space in the backyard. We bought seeds and I started to do research on how to grow these orchids. I watered it every day; when I wake up and during the sunset. Sometimes I forgot to do it or I became lazy.

As time went by, it grew beautifully although it doesn’t have flowers yet. I became proud of myself because of how it turned out.

Cymbidium orchids planted four months ago (Harlie Anne Valdellon)

One of my friends who inspired me is Stephanie Silva. I asked what made her start gardening and said, “It all began when COVID started. There were many Instagram posts that highlight the beauty of their plants and it made me want to try it and explore gardening.”

Stephanie Silva’s collection of plants (Stephanie Silva)

She expresses how she feels about this new hobby of hers, “Planting is very stress-relieving for me. I am always excited to look at my plants in the morning because seeing a new leaf sprout gives me so much joy. Although you need a lot of patience because it takes time, I see it as a spring of positivity. That is something I learned from this hobby and for me, I learned it the best way.”

I asked Belle Mariano, another friend of mine who inspired me, the same questions. She said, “During the quarantine season, my best friend started with the hobby of planting. She invited me to try it and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Mariano also talks about what gardening is for her and stated, “Planting is my ‘me time.’ It is the best way to relax. When I am planting, I become stress-free and happy. Also, when I entered this hobby, it taught me to be responsible. Every afternoon I need to water my plants, or else I’ll face the consequence of it dying. It might be a small part of being responsible, but it is a good practice.”

Belle Mariano’s collection of plants (Belle Mariano)

We may not be a professional when it comes to gardening, but in the long run, it feeds our soul.