Peer Mentorship To Return Soon To Students

Life can be horrible sometimes, but luckily, peer mentorship is here to help! (edited by me)

Jake Williams

Life can be horrible sometimes, but luckily, peer mentorship is here to help! (edited by me)

Jake Williams, Journalist

Many people are probably stressed out and confused with how this school year has gone thus far, with the entirety of the year being online and on Zoom. Especially given everything else that has happened this year, some people could just use another person to talk to and understand what they’re going through, which is where Peer Mentorship comes in.

Peer Mentorship is a group on campus that is designed to help any student on campus who is in a troubled place mentally and work through their struggles and pains through a constructive and positive way.

The advisor of the group, Mrs. Hurd, describes the benefits to students as, “One of the most beneficial aspects of peer mentorship is students knowing that there is someone available to them to listen, provide support and relate to whatever issues they may be struggling with.”

One of the members in the group, Meagan Parker, states, “Peer mentorship is a great help for students. Students feel more comfortable talking to peers rather than adults, because we can relate and support them. We have an objective ear to just listen.”


If you ever feel troubled, you are always able to recover with the right people helping you and live a happy life. (edited by me)

Cases of depression and deteriorating mental health among younger generations were already skyrocketing and are far higher than the generations before them, yet is hardly talked about unfortunately.

Peer Mentorship aims to solve the massive stigma around talking about mental health, and make students feel comfortable talking about their struggles.

Hurd advises, ” I think knowing and understanding that no matter what the issue may be, they do not have to weather it alone. Also the importance of being self-aware enough to accept support when needed.”

Of course there is still a long way to go before everything will be completely fixed, but if society is to be fixed then everyone must do their part.

Parker exclaims, “I think it is most important to know their voice matters and that they can get help. As peer mentors we are here to listen, so it benefits the students to talk out their issues. Voicing your issues helps you solve them, so speak up!”

We all know how tough life can be sometimes and that every now and again you just need to get it off your chest.

Stay strong, and if you ever need help, you can sign up for an appointment with a peer mentor at They would be more than happy to help with whatever you need, starting on October 10th.