COVID-19 Affecting Schools


Jazmyn Andrews

COVID-19 also known as the Corona Virus, affecting schools nationally, and creating this image to represent this affect.

Jazmyn Andrews, Journalist

This image posted on Instagram, from the official ERHS Instagram page, notifying everyone the shocking but safety precautions for the next three weeks.

Recently, a pandemic has reached our world, first known as the Corona Virus but recently referred to COVID-19.

In the beginning of this week many schools have cancelled the rest of sport seasons, and sports events, all large ceremonies, and any field trips of all kind. As of this week in March, many schools and universities have cancelled in-class lectures, some include UC Riverside, UCLA, UC Irvine and our beloved ERHS all transferring to online schooling for the temporary time until April 6. Jared Asuncion a UC Riverside student has spoke on his experience,”My initial reaction was shocking to say the least. The thought of having online lectures will be different as all of my classes have been in-person.” Valeria Andrews a Cal State East Bay student in Hayward, about half an hour from San Francisco, has also stopped attending school and have changed to online,”Recently my class had an assignment to write and state a speech but since the shut down, personally, I would have liked to do my speech online or in front of a camera because it’s just like recording it by yourself, with less pressure.”

On March 13, CNUSD families and students were informed that, a district wide of school closures due to the outbreak until April 3 will school continue, but for now, online courses will be enacted to resume learning.

Now, this brings up more questions for future events, such as senior graduation, grad night, and prom for this year, many students were really looking forward to these events and worried about refunds. For this time, we must stay calm, and see what happens to the rest of the nation and world to determine our future events. Asuncion inputs his thoughts about the pandemic,”I am not worried too much about the virus affecting me. Yes, it is a scary epidemic that has about 6 cases in the Riverside area and many more around the world.” Andrews also adds her concerns,”Although it is scary to go out, and as long as you are cautious and know what to do at the end of the day we should all have hope.”