FBLA Press Release: February 2020


George Rife

Pictured above: The ERHS FBLA chapter attending a Eastvale City Council meeting.

Joshua Dineros, Editor-in-Chief

Press Release Written By: Manal Ali

To celebrate FBLA-PBL week, the Eleanor Roosevelt High School FBLA chapter held activities for not only our members but for our peers at school as well to enjoy and learn more about FBLA. Starting on Monday, February 3, our chapter held “Social Media Madness Monday.” Members were encouraged to post their favorite pictures and memories from any FBLA event and to tag our chapter’s Instagram account. The person who received the highest amount of likes on their post received a special gift, a gift card to Starbucks for $5.00. On Tuesday, we held “Tik Tok Tuesday.” On Tik Tok Tuesday, our members were advised to post Tik Tok videos regarding FBLA and spreading awareness about the organization. On Wednesday, we held “Welcome Wednesday.” We invited our members to bring a friend that is not an FBLA member, and if they did they would both receive a donut in the morning. On Thursday, we invited a guest speaker, Mike Schubert, to speak during our meeting. he spoke about his 3D-printing business and explained to us the different aspects of owning a business. On Friday, we held “Fun Friday.” On this day, we went out to the quad and set up a table at lunch so our fellow peers could play corn hole.

On Wednesday, February 12, our FBLA chapter attended our local Eastvale City Council meeting. Our chapter was recognized during the Council’s meeting. Also, two officers spoke on the chapter’s behalf. Sanika Subhedar reviewed what we do as a chapter and thanked the Council on our behalf for continuously supporting us. Rui Song spoke about how we benefit the community by keeping up with community service and working actively with the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce.