Boys Varsity Volleyball

This image is to represent the boys varsity team, and by using their volleyballs.

Jazmyn Andrews

This image is to represent the boys varsity team, and by using their volleyballs.

Jazmyn Andrews, Journalist

This week our boys varsity volleyball played aganist Murrieta Valley, in our home gym on Tuesday February, 25. During the first set the score

started off with 26-24, while our school was winning, in the second Murrieta Valley was in the lead, 26-24, the third set our boys team was in the lead at 25-28, and finally our boys varsity team came home with the win 25-18.

Also on Thursday Febuary 27, the boys played aganist La Sierra High School, during the third set our ERHS boys took the win with the scores of 25-16.

Our boys have been working and practicing so hard this year, hoping fro that ultimate goal of winning C.I.F. Chance Gallardo, a senior who is a member of the boys varsity since his junior yearin the volleyball team, claims,”I am proud  of how my team coaches each other on and off the court and how we will work together to overcome any difficult tea

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ms we may encounter in time to come.”


Ryan Williams is a sophmore, who has been on varsity volleyball since his freshamn year, expresses his experience,”I’m proud that I’ve been accepted by all the seniors on the team,they are all friends who have played with each other since freshamn year and they let me,a newcomer,come in  and join their team.”

Gallardo voice his personal connection to volleyball,”Volleyball is very important to me as I come from a very large family of college athletes and I hope to play at the college level. Williams also says his opinion on the sport,”When I think of volleyball,I think of having fun. Yes, volleyball is a competitive sport, but I find it relaxing. Whenever I play, I feel like I can just Let loose and play a game I love with my friends.”

Amanda Hollis
Our boys varsity volleyball playing and working hard against Murrieta Valley in our ERHS gym.

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