ERHS Boys Soccer Varsity

Trevino, also Boys Soccer coach, taking action shots of our soccer team.

Matt Trevino

Trevino, also Boys Soccer coach, taking action shots of our soccer team.

Jazmyn Andrews, Journalist

The new soccer season has started and our boys varsity team has done exceptionally, practicing, and working hard to have a great season.

On Wednesday, January 22 the team won on our home field and their coach Nicholas Lopiccolo, also a math teacher, states,”We beat the first place team and we are set up for 3rd and half a game away from first.” A new upcoming game for the team is Friday, January 24, which will be held at the ERHS soccer field at 6:15, anyone can join and support our ERHS team.

Jazmyn Andrews Boys varsity soccer coach and math teacher, here at ERHS representing his team and showing great honor to be the coach.

The boys varsity’s captains are Paul Christian and Josue Jimenez. A 12th grade member of the team, Josh Miwa explains his goal as a senior,”to lead my team to victory, and battle till the last minute and leave it all out on the field.” Miwa’s dedication and pride in his team is definitely reflected and students and staff acknowledge all the perseverance the whole team has reflected. The team hopefully will qualify for C.I.F. Lopiccolo speaks on the ambition for the season,”We have multiple goals, our lowest goal is to make C.I.F, a medium goal is to win in the league and the largest goal is to win C.I.F.”   Every Wednesday and Friday for the next couple of weeks the varsity team are having games, which Miwa has revealed his aspirations,”to go to C.I.F., just practice everyday we don’t have games, and building the team chemistry on and off the field.”

In the next month or so the team will be hosting a new fundraiser and having Alumni game for the seniors, to basically have a last game for the end of their high school soccer season,which will be fascinating.