New Year, New Me?


Robert Gonzales

New Year, New Me

Xzavier Contreras, Journalist

With the end of 2019, comes the beginning of 2020. As with many new years, people try and make a promise or a change to them, known as New Year’s Resolutions. Many people make a resolution to try and improve themselves or change something they don’t like about themselves. The opinions of them vary with each individual as some people see it as a way to change and get better, while others may say it’s an empty promise that they won’t keep because people will forget or give up on it.

Some people will commit to their promise, but many people just make one for the fun of it. Others set a goal to end a bad habit, or to change, which can come in with the change of the new year.

Robert Ruiz, a senior at ERHS, says “I’ve always thought resolutions, were just there to be there. When my family makes one, they don’t commit, so I find them pointless.”

Robert Ruiz

Michelle Contreras, a senior at ERHS, says “I like the idea of change, so making a change to yourself for the new years sounds cool. So I feel that it can be a great thing to set a goal or try to change.”

Xzavier Contreras
Michelle Contreras

You can see how the opinions differ, personally I think that setting goals is a necessary thing, and if you can commit to them then great. Most people don’t commit to big changes which is fine. Most resolutions are something small, like “I want to be more productive,” or “I want to lose weight.” I think it’s not worth making them just to give up half way threw the year.

If you’d like to make a goal to complete throughout the year, go ahead, only if it means something to you.