Politician Spotlight: Elizabeth Warren

A small campaign promotion, created by myself to showcase her dedication to becoming the President of the United States.

A small campaign promotion, created by myself to showcase her dedication to becoming the President of the United States.

Jazmyn Andrews, Journalist

Elizabeth Ann Warren,is a Democratic politician running for President of the United States of America. She was born in Oklahoma and was born in 1949, 70 years old. Before, she can get elected, she has to compete with all the other democratic primaries, someone of importance, which include Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamilia Harris, Pete Buttigieg and many others. All these competitors are battling for one spot, the Democratic nominee for the Presidential election, because the system that America uses is “winner-takes-all,” so when a state votes for a certain party, that nominee receives electoral votes, and gets closer to winning the Presidency responsibility and title. Before the electoral college begins, a political party’s candidate has to be nominated, which is occurring currently, called the Democratic Primary. We are holding a Democratic Primary because the Republican party already has a candidate, Donald Trump, our current president.

Troy Pourchot, pointing to Elizabeth Warren’s picture, proudly, to show his love for politics and teaching his students about it.

Victor Ruelas, an AP Government teacher, and who has a sibling working for Elizabeth Warren, in Iowa. Ruelas’ brother was a conservative until, he believed our current president, did not fill hid duty, he turned to Warren, because she promised rearrangement of all student debt. “She [Warren] started to go to Causes, and my brother wanted to fix his student debt, and that was her strongest talking point,”Ruelas mentions. “Especially how Liz Warren is in the lead for the polls in Iowa, many supporters out there,” Ruelas adds, to point out her impact on these smaller states.

Warren first before running for the Democratic Primary she is the Senator for the state of Massachusetts. She has successfully written more than 15 books throughout her career in politics. Warren and Biden have been the top two candidates that will most likely win the Democratic nominee position. Troy Pourchot, an Advanced Placement Government teacher, here at ERHS, gives further detail on Warren’s policies,”She is very aligned with Bernie Sanders, advocates for Medicare for all, believes in free college and higher tax on rich and wealthy.” Many Democrats really enjoy her policies, and in these aggressive times, where winning the people’s vote is struggling, Pourchot states his thoughts,”She appeals to younger people but younger people are having a hard time voting for her, she isn’t enthusiastic as the others.” Warren has been loses the interest in younger people throughout the whole democratic primary process.

More information on Elizabeth Warren and her campaign to become President, her official website is: https://elizabethwarren.com/