Waterpolo Senior Night Recap


Yesenia Collado , Journalist

Some of the Waterpolo Mom’s wore their kid’s Varsity lettermen jackets.

“I’m very impressed with the season so far from this very young team.”

— Coach Tyler Harp

The Waterpolo guys had to give the centennial guys a break.

On Wednesday, October 16 was the Varsity Waterpolo Roosevelt vs. Cennetinal game and their Senior night. Mustangs kept up their wins and added this game to their saddle.

Five moms for the five seniors graduating.
One of the seniors with his parents.
The Roosevelt seniors give little gift bags to the other seniors.
The mustangs scoring.


The ERHS fans attentive during the game eagerly awaiting another score.
The centennial guy had no idea what was going on.

Anybody out there that wants to come and watch, its a super exciting game and from now on all the games will be. They will be high-intensity games.”

— Coach Tyler Harp

All the seniors in Waterpolo gather together to take a group picture.