Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes Visits ERHS


Cassandra Kester

Cervantes and The Roosevelt Review editors and officers posing for a photo.

Joshua Dineros, Editor-in-chief

Joshua Dineros
ERHS students conversing with each other before Cervantes began presenting.

In the Mustang Theatre on Friday, October 4 during both office hours and throughout fourth period, students ranging from those in the Puente program to those enrolled in Advance Placement (AP) Government, had the chance in hearing and learning more from their representative in the California State Legislature, Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes, D-Riverside.

Cervantes represents the Assembly District 60, which encompasses the northwestern Riverside County communities of Corona, Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Norco, and portions of the city of Riverside.

The Event

Both the presentations held by Cervantes during office hours and fourth period were filled with insightful information about the type of work that the state legislature does, and more specifically, Cervantes’ life in politics and her journey to the California State Assembly that she is a part of today.

She began her presentation to the students describing the job in which the partakes in, and the importance of both her and her office here in Corona and up north in Sacramento. Cervantes then laid out the multitude of bills in which she had partook in authoring in the past legislative sessions.

Joshua Dineros
Daniella Terrones celebrated with awards from both the Assembly and the Puente program.

During her presentation during fourth period, she discussed her life and how her, “…ancestors and [her] history are what lead to [her] calling in state government.” Starting from her childhood to her time as a field representative walking door-to-door meeting constituents, are what all lead her to the important work she does representing Assembly District (AD) 60.

Additionally, Daniela Terrones was spotlighted at the event as both the recipient of the Puente award and for the recognition of  her work with Cervantes’ office. The Eleanor Roosevelt High School Puente President and past intern for the office was spotlighted for her dedication and hard work to both the Puente program and the processes of state government.

Event Highlights

Joshua Dineros
Cervantes engaging in dialogue with students at the end of the event.

Many students and staff alike enjoyed the event and overall being in the presence of their representative in the state legislature. Troy Pourchot, an AP Government teacher here at ERHS, enjoyed the duration in which “Students got to ask [Cervantes] questions directly in creating that dialogue between students and their representative. Students felt empowered to ask questions that they felt were important. Really good stuff!”

Likewise, Cassandra Kester, a team member at Cervantes’ Corona office, felt that her favorite part of the event was, “Hearing from students during the Q&A and hearing feedback from the students after the presentation. It gave us the opportunity to see the future of our communities stand and the issues that they are thinking and considering to take on in the future. Really, the issues that are important to them because all of your voices matter and [your voices] can shape our communities as we continue to move forward”

Joshua Dineros
Students engaged in a question and answers portion of the event with Cervantes.

Alongside Pourchot, student Terrones, adored the portion when, “She talked about her story, it is always so powerful to hear that someone who has power [in our state government] has a story. You can’t hate someone who you know their story.”

Terrones, who spearheaded the logistics of the event, went on to say, “The students really got to see a perspective of a politician that they don’t always get to see. The [students] really got to understand who she is as both a person and a politician. That was my favorite part because I got to relate so much to her story, and that was definitely the biggest thing for students who attended today.”

Final Remarks

Joshua Dineros
Cervantes and her Corona team who visited ERHS accompanied with Daniela Terrones who spearheaded organizing the event.

During both presentations, students enjoyed the opportunity that both Puente and the AP Government teams presented through the Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes’ office. The event, lasting only a couple hours, proved to being lasting in impact and being informative to all students, shedding a light into the work of the state legislature, and putting a face to name in the person who represents our community in the California state government.

For more information about Cervantes or her team, visit the Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes’ website or contact her District Office in Corona at (951) 371-6860.