Eastvale State of the City


Joshua Dineros

Pictured above are the programs from the State of the City

Joshua Dineros and Nayeli Rubio

Nayeli Rubio
Posters outside of the theater encouraged community participation

On Thursday, July 18, the city of Eastvale hosted their annual State of the City which included the address to the city, presented by Mayor Todd Rigby and the “Taste of Eastvale”, hosted by the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce.

The event, themed “Thriving Together,” invited its attendees into Eleanor Roosevelt High School’s theater with community posters outside of the theater intended for residents to write and share their experiences about living and thriving in Eastvale. The posters prompted attendees to “describe Eastvale in one word” or recall “your favorite Eastvale memory.” 

The State of the City began with performances from the youth of Eastvale, beginning with performances by The Rockstars of Tomorrow, leading into performances by the Eastvale Chinese American Association. Finally, attendees watched the amazing Bollywood student Dance Group performances.

Olivia Applegate, Eastvale’s Public Information Officer, stated that, “The State of the City is a time where the community is able to come together and celebrate the city that we all get to thrive together in.” She felt that there was not “a more appropriate theme than [Thriving Together].”

Nayeli Rubio
Community performances included the Bollywood Student Dance Group.

Mayor Todd Rigby gave the state of the city address, in which he revealed the Eastvale 2040 plan. According to Applegate, the plan is comprised of what, “our residents want to see in the future.” The plan, in essence, asks residents to imagine what they envision Eastvale to be in the year 2040, and how the development of the city will take both the near and distant future into account. More information about this plan will soon be released, including numerous possibilities of public input on everyone’s vision for the future of Eastvale.

Announced alongside the Eastvale 2040 plan was a grant to build trails throughout Eastvale that plan to connect the various parks and recreation areas within the city. Important updates were also revealed about the projected finish of the I-15 Limonite Interchange in November 2019. New ventures into improving traffic and infrastructure within our community include an extension to connect Chino and Eastvale from the Limonite Avenue and Archibald Avenue intersection. Also announced was a project to widen the bridge that connects the cities of Eastvale and Norco on Hamner Avenue between Citrus Street and Detroit Street.

Nayeli Rubio
Several community employees were honored for their work at the event.

Similarly, other projects that are coming to Eastvale were renounced including the Hamner Place, which will include the hotel, Staybridge Suites, with a rooftop vegan restaurant, and several other dining experiences such as Tony’s Chop House by the Meat Cellar. The new destination, dubbed “Shop-Dine-Stay” will bring more businesses to Eastvale that residents have been asking for.

Also at the event was our own principal, Jeremy Goins, who partook in the honor of receiving the Community Honoree Award, which Goins explains is presented to, “a person or organization that shows dedication and investment in the Eastvale community. This year, Eleanor Roosevelt High School was the recipient! This [is] a great honor for our school.  We are so lucky to be in a community where our city government is so amazingly supportive of the work our staff and students do.”

After the event and the plethora of exciting information that awaits Eastvale’s future, attendees got to participate in the Taste of Eastvale, an event featuring several local businesses that make up the food scene of Eastvale.

Jeremy Goins
Eleanor Roosevelt High School was honored with the Community Honoree Award this year.

Taste of Eastvale 

The taste of Eastvale is a three-year running event, which Hari Dhiman, president of the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce, explained allows local eateries and the like to “get involved and share their food and their special items with the local residents.” He estimated 16 or 17 businesses were a part of this year’s Taste of Eastvale. 

Simply put by Goins, “The Taste of Eastvale was awesome.  The food was excellent, and it was great being able to chat with community members. They had so much great food… [it’s] hard to pick a favorite.”

At the end of the event, everyone who attended certainly seems to indicate that the future of Eastvale looks bright!