Campaigning for the Future of ASB


Joshua Dineros

Pictured above, ASB Candidates Speeches.

Joshua Dineros, Writer

The 2019-2020 Eleanor Roosevelt High School Associated Student Body (ASB) campaigns have started this week. Official voting will beginning Monday through your student Google account, so be on the look out Mustangs. Many class of 2020 students are running for the executive board positions, and many have competition.

Read below to get to know about what each of the candidates’ vision if elected as an officer and how they plan to change our school for the better.

Michael Roman: Campaigning for ASB President

Michael Roman
Pictured above, Michael’s Campaign Advertisement.

As President I would not only look to make our school even better, but also our community dynamic and our relationship with the City of Eastvale. Two community projects I will fully implement are the Project Pulse and Eastvale Leads initiatives.

I will also be working with our community and ASB to help coordinate the first mustang mania event. An event similar to JCSD’s Picnic in the Park, that will have vendors, food trucks, games, possibly laser tag, and maybe even a large inflatable movie screen. Should Mustang Mania happen, it will be an event you won’t want to miss.

I’m not running for President to put this on a resume, college application, or for a future foot in the door! I am doing this because I have a passion for leadership and helping others. I lead not just because I can, I lead because don’t know how not to. I make promises that I intend to keep, and you will see that when you vote Michael Roman. A vote for Michael Roman is a vote for innovation.

Joshua Dineros
Pictured above, Michael Roman’s Campaign Posters.

I am currently the first junior in school history to serve as the ASB Vice President. Through my position, at times I have had the opportunity to act as the President, and we have been successful in completing our tasks, been innovative with our ideas, and expanded on the great projects we’ve worked on. My leadership philosophy is based off of a quote from our very own Diane Walker. She says, “You don’t have to, you get to.” This is a neat and perspective altering quote that I take to heart with leadership.

“Serving others is an opportunity, not an obligation and giving back will be the norm in our new ASB program. I look to innovation, I look to tomorrow, I look to a new dawn of leadership. I look to ASB!”

Jazzy Ikbariyeh
Pictured above, Jazzy’s Campaign Advertisement.

Jazzy Ikbariyeh: Campaigning for ASB President

I chose to run for ASB president because I believe that with my organization, hard work, dedication, and empathy, I will be able to effectively lead our student body and watch them grow as well. I believe my personality, creativity and drive set me apart. My outgoing and friendly personality allows me to meet new people and form a connection in order to get to know the student body better. Creativity is key in creating new, intriguing events that will encourage participation and spirits.

Joshua Dineros
Pictured above, Sanika and Jazzy Campaigning in the Quad

“A couple events I aim to execute are ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader’ alongside Eastvale Elementary as well as a color run. Finally, what ties these aspects all together is how motivated I am to help others and encourage growth.”

I’ve been in student government since my elementary school days and along the years I have been president of multiple clubs. I am currently the Junior Class President and believe that I have to necessary skills, qualities and abilities to be the exquisite leader I promise to be.

Nadia Salvia: Campaigning for ASB Vice President

Nadia Salvia
Pictured above, Nadia Campaign Advertisement.

I have been in ASB for four years, and through my experience I have noticed repeating patterns of disconnection between the student body and the ASB class. If elected, I am looking forward to establishing a trustworthy bond that encourages students to share their ideas and see them being be implemented.

I have always strived to hold an executive position in my 4, going on 5 years of being in ASB.  I chose Vice President because I have so much trust in my running mate, Michael Roman, and I know that together we will have a huge positive impact on the school.

Joshua Dineros
Pictured above, Nadia’s Campaign Poster.

“One of my biggest goals as Vice President is to ensure that all sports and clubs on campus feel represented and supported. All ERHS events are going to be hyped and I cannot wait!”

Sanika Subhedar: Campaigning for ASB Vice President

I am looking forward to changing how our student body perceives the thought of “school.” I want to try my best for each student to feel like they belong here at Eleanor Roosevelt. I will ensure that each sport team and club receives recognition and support through their accomplishments and their overall journey. I will also plan new events and alter the existing ones based on the interests and needs of the student body; not just a select population.

Sanika Subhedar
Pictured above, Sanika’s Campaign Advertisement.

Serving as a Dance Commissioner, Freshmen Intern, and Vice President for 3 years, I have diversified my knowledge on leadership, which allows me to connect more with my fellow peers. I have also grown significantly because of the opportunities given through this program, and I would like to give it my all at my last year at Roosevelt High.

As a Vice President, I can empathize with the student body and create closer connections. I desire to implement new changes in all areas necessary and not just be limited to one specific job. My voice will represent the student body’s voice.

Joshua Dineros
Pictured above, Jazzy and Sanika Campaign Posters.

“Next year, I would like to start an annual Color Run, Mustang Mania, Food Truck Event, Friday Night Live, and a Culture Day/Night. I am open to any new ideas and I hope to make next year an impactful and memorable year for all.”