Discovering Culture with UNITY



Pictured above, Culture Night Advertisement.

Joshua Dineros, Writer

On Friday, the ERHS UNITY program will host a Culture Night in which the club will showcase differing talents and customs of differing ethnic backgrounds from across the world. Clubs that partnered with UNITY include Vietnamese Student Union (VSA) and the Association for Filipino Americans (AFA). Culture night is, “…a showcase of the diversity we have in our campus and in our community. We are proudly displaying and appreciating cultures for the night.”

Joshua Dineros
Pictured above, Riley Udenze.

Riley Udenze, a senior in UNITY and a coordinator for Culture Night is excited, “…to see some of our campus groups perform, and the poetry and arts we are to experience. The fashion catwalk is definitely one of the sections of the night that we are in anticipation of with all the variety of clothing and perspectives we will see and hear during it; not to mention the attitude our models are going to bring.”

Our fellow Mustangs should be ready to encounter, “…a culmination of different kinds of performances. We also think they should be ready to break out their cameras to record.”

A performer in the Culture Night is performing, “A Romanian folk dance with differing choreography for both the boys and girls, connecting with culture that’s both close to you and other cultures that you are newly exposed to.”

See you at Culture Night Mustangs, Friday April 19 in the cafeteria.