Up and Coming Youtubers: The Minorities


Ariana Scott, Staff Writer

Youtubers Zeb and Jason, two young college students, are on the rise of stardom in the Youtube world. They have been around for at least three years now and their viewers increase each time they post a video, gaining a lot of recognition in the media world.

Photo Courtesy by TheStateHornet

The two go on the campus of Sacramento State University, and ask random students funny questions or questions regarding their private life. They ask questions such as, “How Long Should The Talking Stage Last?”or they even got people spill their “High School Confessions.” Their videos are meant more for the young crowd, but they are very well rounded and sometimes are caught over by Downtown Sac where there is people other than just college students.

They recently published a new video on “Betting Strangers at Sacramento State,” and hit 42K views within 24 hours. Fans have been going crazy over them and their subscribers keep rising by the minute.

Zeb and Jason are really good at interacting with their fans, and their looks say it all. Two young men who are attractive making funny Youtube videos..their bound to be something, the ladies love them. About a month ago, things got wild and they made a video called ” Snap a Minority” and fans went crazy. People were sending in all kinds of promiscuous things and funny sayings to them. As a matter of fact, me and my best friend Angelica Lacson made it on the video and asked them ‘When they would be back in SoCal?’

I asked around my school to see what students thought of the Minorities, student Lucas Anatado says “I watch them a lot now and hope one day they can come to our city.” Senior, Kierin Daughtery says “I’ve been watching them from the start and can’t believe how big they’ve gotten, truly a success.”

Photo Courtesy by Ariana Scott.

For our generation these two are definitely on the come up with something different and big. To keep up with the Minorities, follow their twitter @the_minorities3 to keep up with their video posts and if interested to purchase some of their cool merchandise. Don’t forget to subscribe to their Youtube channel as well, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqgHuiDr4kRvK2QRGFi260A/featured .