Verity by Hoover Colleen *SPOILERS*


Yazmin Gamboa

I’m going to start off by saying that I give this book a 10/10. I highly recommend it. This was my very first Hoover Colleen book that I’ve ever read and I’m willing to read more of her books. I loved how well written this book was as well.

In the beginning, it talked about how Lowen Ashleigh was starting to write for a known author named Verity Crawford. Verity was known as a professional writer. Verity has a husband, who she’s massively obsessed with, Jeremy Crawford, two girls (twins, Harper & Chastin) & a boy (Crew).

In chapter one, Lowen was on her way to a meeting that had been scheduled ever since her mother passed. As she was on her way to the meeting, she was crossing the street when some guy got run over. His blood got all over her and as she was looking for a place to wash off or go to, she ended up bumping into Jeremy Crawford. Jeremy took her into the coffee shop that was down the street. They went into the family restroom and they ended up talking from there. Jeremy was also on his way to work, a meeting perhaps as well. He ended up taking his shirt off and handing it to Lowen. At first she was confused, but then she became more attracted to him after he had taken his shirt off.

After Lowen put on his shirt, they ended up having a conversation. They were talking about what had happened down the street and Jeremy ended up helping her scrape off the blood on her face. She washed her hands and cleaned up. A little while later, they ended up having a conversation about the tragedies they witnessed in their lives, with Jeremy sharing that he had pulled his eight-year-old daughter’s body out of the lake five months ago, while Lowen shared that her mother died last week from cancer and that she’d been caring for her for the past year. Lowen didn’t know what else to say, she knew her tragedy wasn’t as tragic as Jeremey’s was.

After a moment, Jeremy walked out and went back to his place to grab another shirt. Lowen was still in shock about what had just happened. When Lowen left the coffee shop, she started heading to the meeting she had that early morning. When she got there, she was getting onto the elevator. She ended up seeing Jeremy get on the same elevator as well. At first she thought he was following her. She noticed he was wearing a new shirt, and through their converstation they discovered they were both there for a meeting on the same floor. She wasn’t surprised at all.

Jeremy and Lowen ended up having the same meeting. During the meeting, Lowen found out she was going to be covering for Verity Crawford. After the meeting, Jeremy gave Lowen all the information about Verity’s work and what she’s done. In the beginning of the book, Jeremy had mentioned that Verity had gotten in a car wreck and that’s why she can’t finish her work. Lowen got told that she could stay at their place, so that way she can finish her work.

A few days later, Lowen had “moved in” to their house. Jeremy had her stay in the guest bedroom. Lowen got introduced to Verity’s office, because that’s where Lowen would be working in. Later on in the book, after Lowen had gotten adjusted, she ended up finding Verity’s autobiography manuscript. Then, she started reading through it. The first chapter of Verity’s manuscript was talking about how Jeremy and her met. For the most part, all she talked about was how obsessed she was with him.


In chapter two of Verity’s manuscript, she ended up getting pregnant and engaged the same night. In chapter three, that’s when she found out she was pregnant. She wasn’t comfortable in her body, she tried losing as much weight as she could, but being pregnant, ruined her. She was upset, she wouldn’t even have cravings. Jeremy one night came home from work. Verity had just gotten out of the shower. Later that night, they were both in bed. Jeremy noticed that Verity started showing. He asked Verity if she was craving anything and she told him “no.” The next day, they found out they were having twins. “Twins?” Verity felt even more disgusted. She didn’t know why Jeremy was still with her after seeing her with a baby bump, but he loved her no matter what.

Jeremy obviously loved his kids, even when they’re unborn. But for some reason, Verity didn’t like that his attention was all on them. When the twins were born, Jeremy was holding one of the girls and Verity saw the way he was looking at her and all Verity thought about was “Jeremy’s mine.” Verity was so jealous of her kids, but why was she?

As I read more of the book, all I kept thinking about was, “Did she kill her kids?”

Lowen was scared of her. She was scared to even be in the house. Jeremy and Lowen ended up getting super close and towards the end of the book, Lowen showed Jeremy the manuscript and he ended up getting mad. They ended up finding out that she faked her “car wreck” accident and the whole time she was a psychopath, pathological liar, and a manipulator. This whole time, Jeremy didn’t know who his wife was or what she did. The book ended with a suspenseful question. “Which truth was she manipulating?”

Former ERHS student, Jennifer Rodriguez shares her thoughts on the book.

“Man I’m left on a cliff hanger lol, but honestly this book seems really interesting and I feel like there’s a bigger story or plot twist to this book!” Rodriguez said. “I don’t find many books interesting but I am with this book even while reading a short amount of the book. I’m honestly really curious on how Lowen is going to react towards her kids!”

ERHS student Airam Samaniego hasn’t read the book, but after hearing the summary was interested.

“I think it would be a good book to read,” Samaniego said. “Just from reading the summary you made, I feel intrigued to read more of it and uncover all the secrets and mysteries that the characters are hiding, especially Verity. Who would kill their own kids? Was it forĀ  a good reason?”