APUSH Spotlight: Political cartoons


Nuha Alayeh, Journalist

Recently, David Cummings’s APUSH students made political cartoons for issues facing our society. Every year Mr. Cummings picks from about 40 different Spanish American War-era political cartoons mixed with some WW1-era propaganda posters. The class work on analyzing images and covering important historical thinking skills such as context, intended audience, and purpose and point of view. As an extension assignment, he had them create a modern-day political cartoon.

Cummings gives his opinion on how the assignment went, “I thought the assignment was great, I know what I want to ask my students next year. I had some very thoughtful and creative works of art and got to see different sides of my students…apart from their ability to bubble and write essays. Almost all kids got A’s and the work was on display in my classroom for about two weeks.”


“Students need to feel free to express themselves in a safe and healthy way. I think kids’ number one fear is putting themselves out there and presenting. They all had to present the 25-point curriculum-related content, but I gave them a few more weeks and allowed them the option of presenting or just putting it in the basket. I spoke to some students about questions I had or clarifications on certain topics. It was a teachable moment for all.” Cummings said.