New Shows and Films coming This April

New entertainment coming April


Alyah Wright, Journalist

March has had so many new and exciting films and tv series from a new MMA wattpad romance film called “Perfect Addiction,” to a series on Prime based on a book “Daisy Jones And The Six,” to The new “Scream 6” film. Now lets see all the exciting new films and series coming out this upcoming month of April.

Here is a list of new entertainment coming :


Series (in order of release date)

-“Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies” (on Paramount+ April 6)

– “The Boarding School: Las Cumbres” S2 (on Prime video, April 7)

-“Single Drunk Female” s2 (Freeform, April 12)

-“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” s5 (Prime video, April 14)

-“Mrs. Davis” (Peacock, April 20)

-“Citadel” (Prime video, April 28)

-“Fatal Attraction” (Paramount+, April 30)

-“Rugrats” s2 (Paramount+, April 14)


Films (In order of the release date)

-“AIR” (Theatrical release, April 5)

-“The Super Mario Bros”  (Theatrical release, April 7)

-“Beautiful Disaster” (Theatrical release, April 12)

-“Renfield” (Theatrical release, April 14)

-“Ghosted” (Apple tv, April 21)

-“Peter Pan and Wendy” (Disney+, April 28)

-“Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret” – (Theatrical release, April 28)


I interviewed two students to find out what new films or shows they are most excited for this upcoming month of April and here are their thoughts.

The first person I interviewed was sophomore, Rylie Diehl. She actually really loves watching kid cartoons surprisingly.

“I’m actually really excited to watch the ‘Super Mario Bros’ film, I know it’s going to be cringe, but I loved playing that game growing up and I feel like it would remind me of my childhood,” Diehl said.

So hey, maybe you’re a gamer just like her and are looking forward to watching a film version of your favorite video game.

The second person I interviewed was junior, Tina Wang. She loves Korean dramas and Disney films so her response was actually not what I expected.

“I love re-watching Disney movies, it’s so fun and entertaining, but I will say I’m not excited for the live action Peter Pan that’s coming out,” Wang said. “Disney is known for always messing up the live action versions of their cartoon films. It could be the editing, the casting, or even just the acting, still it’s usually very disappointing.”

Whatever your interests, whether it be spy series, cartoons, drama, mystery, or even romance, check out these films and series when they come out. You may even find your new favorite show or movie.