New Scream 6 Film Review *No Spoilers*

Review on the New Scream Film


Alyah Wright, Journalist

This month one of the most anticipated films of the year was released in theatres. The “Scream” movie franchise has released its sixth installment, “Scream 6,” on March 10. Not only is it the biggest one in the franchise yet, it is also the very first time Neve Campbell, the actor who plays Sidney Prescott, will not appear in a “Scream” film, due to her not getting her “desired salary” for the role. But due to this new installment being so action packed it kind of makes up for the OG girl being absent from this one.

Not only was there so much action right off the bat, but the film itself goes very fast. There’s always these twist and turns while you try to figure out who is under the mask. But let me tell you, coming from a person who watched this twice, you never expect who the killers are until towards the end. There’s always these little Easter eggs that make you assume, but you can’t fully confirm them until towards the end of the film. If  you enjoyed any of the other “Scream” films, or even this genre of films, I would definitely recommend you see it as soon as possible.

When I interviewed junior Makayla Chavez, who is a huge fan of horror movies from “Chucky” to “Insidious,” about the new “Scream 6” movie she had a negative and positive opinion about it.

Chavez says she feels that “Scream” movies aren’t what she considers scary movies to be, they’re more of a mystery film then a horror one.

However, “‘Scream’ movies are fun just to enjoy and watch with family at the Theatres,” Chavez added.

Junior Berlyn Ly gave her opinion on the “Scream” franchise and whether she’s planning on watching it in Theatres. Ly’s first thought is that she’s not really into horror movies, she prefers romance or comedy films and series, but I showed her the trailer for the film and it really changed her perspective.

“That looks really tense, suspenseful, but also very entertaining,” Ly said. It looks like something she would’ve never picked out for herself to watch, but ultimately she would probably really enjoy watching.

Maybe you agree or disagree with either of these interviewers perspectives. Either way I think one thing they could both agree on is that you should go see this film in Theatres as soon as possible. It is really something special and you would be missing out if you didn’t!