Poem: a good piece of poetry


The title of the poem, designed on Canva

Emily Wang, Journalist

Oftentimes, writing feels like an off and on activity; it comes and goes. Sometimes, I feel like I have nothing to write about, and other times, it feels as if there’s too much to convey. While there is no definition for poetry, no definition for art, and definitely no definition for a good piece, everyone still has their own measures. This poem is mine. To evoke emotion is the epitome of any piece of art I create, and whether it is through expressing my own feelings or filling a page with metaphors that I managed to make sense of, a feeling is at the very heart of all my art. I present to you: a good piece of poetry

a good piece of poetry should make you feel things
it should reach into a house and pull out secrets
whatever you need to write
witherless works
ones people need to watch
ones that awaken dormant souls
and wrap them in honey baked letters
as good as grandma’s chocolate cupcakes
even though they were from a red box mix
the same ones that make you feel the way you felt when you received news of a distant relative passing away
and cry for them
even though the last time you saw them was when you were four and only just
discovering that skin could be torn and family
could too
a great artist once said art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable

and i think it’s about time that all of us
a little bit

The opening line of the poem, designed on Canva