Girl’s Lacrosse Win 15-4!


The Girls Lacrosse Varsity Team at their game against Heritage High School!

Izzy Casillas, Journalist

Score! Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse team brought home the victory at their game against Heritage High School!

This was an away game, last Tuesday (February 21) and our lacrosse girls came out on top! They won 15-4, even through the weather that was cold and windy. The girls played well, moving the ball around the field and taking advantage of the space given to them.

“The game was super fun! I got a few goals and we won 15-4! Our team could’ve played better but we still did good overall. I play attack behind the goal, so I’m the one that our middies would look to pass to once the ball starts coming down to our side,” said Ryan Latham, ERHS senior on the varsity lacrosse team.

“I played well, I was able to move the ball to the defense from the offense and I even had a chance to score a goal. It was my first lacrosse goal ever and it was super cool,” said Analiese Casillas, sophomore on the varsity lacrosse team. “Our team played very well, we ran a few plays that we have been practicing for a while.”

Some of the upcoming games and events for the Lacrosse Girls!

Many of the girls on this team are seniors, representing Class of 2023.

“One of our other seniors, Delaney, had a really cool run from our goal all the way to the other team’s goal. I’m sad [this will be my last year with this team in this sport] but hopefully I will be playing in college. I hope this season isn’t the end of my journey with lacrosse,” said Latham.

Be on the lookout for more games from our lacrosse girls! Varsity has an upcoming game on Thursday, March 2. This game will be played against Corona Del Mar and starts at 7 in the evening. The next varsity game is scheduled for Tuesday, March 7, and will be played against Newport Harbor. The game starts at 6:30 in the evening and is an away game.

Let’s keep supporting our amazing Mustang Lacrosse girls!