The Sims 4 Gamechanging Update and Expansion Pack Coming Soon


The Sims 4 ‘Growing Together’ official box art on the PlayStation Store (Art created by EA, image taken from the digital PlayStation Store)

Daisy Moss

A long-awaited feature is now coming to The Sims 4. This feature is, of course, infants!

Many Simmers have complained about the lack of substance when it comes to babies, considering they’re technically objects in the game’s code, as well as the lack of more family oriented gameplay.

Long time Simmers have also been hoping for an expansion pack similar to “The Sims 3 Generations,” a pack focused on everything familial and all about growing up surrounded by friends and family, and the new confirmed downloadable content (DLC) seems to be an almost perfect sequel. The newly confirmed expansion pack is titled ‘Growing Together,’ and will include several new features such as a beautiful new world named San Sequoia, social compatibility, improved family bonds, family (and social) dynamics, new moles, vitiligo, and scars for Create-A-Sim, water parks, infant milestones, baby showers, slumber parties, new interactions, and new gameplay.

Several Simmers have expressed skepticism, since the last few DLC packs have been buggy, glitchy, unplayable messes. However, the overall community is extremely excited and happy for new content, especially involving improved babies and more activities and gameplay for elder Sims.

English Simtuber and EA Gamechanger Plumbella (Jesse McNamara) exclaimed, “I’m really excited for this pack! This absolutely has the possibility to become my new favorite [pack].”

Sims 3 lover and Chino High junior, Samantha Hawthorn states, “I think it’ll be cool, but I think ‘Generations’ will still be better. I hope it isn’t buggy, and that it will actually be worth the price.”

The Sim gurus also have been very active on Twitter, and have been answering Simmers’ questions and concerns, even if they crush Simmers’ dreams by confirming cars won’t be added (a long time wanted, and needed, feature).

A Twitter interaction between a Simmer and Sim Guru Morgan, screenshotted by me.

“Growing Together” will go live on all platforms on March 16, and originally will be priced at $40 USD. If ordered before April 27, Simmers will receive additional ‘free’ content, including a power walker, new slide, and a new swing set. How do you feel about the new Sims 4 expansion? Will you be buying it?