The point of view


Yazmin Gamboa

People may ask me how I see certain things. Bad, good? Or even worse. But to be honest, I’m kind of in the middle. You see, in most parts of the world it can look really bad. And those bad parts, have adults, kids and people in general scared to go outside of their houses.

I think most people need to think before they say or do something. Violence in general needs to stop.

For example, these massive shootings need to stop. There are no reasons why someone should be showing up to a school and start shooting. It’s not just at schools though, grocery stores too, the mall, concerts, etc. Incidents like these is what makes people scared to go anywhere by themselves, or even with family. We shouldn’t have to be scared to go somewhere, especially kids. Oh my god, kids! Parents should not be terribly terrified for their lives thinking, “Is my kid going to come home or not?” They just shouldn’t. Especially kids who are in elementary school.

Speaking of Elementary, there is no reason a 6-year-old should have brought a gun to school. What and why he was thinking that.

Another thing, why would someone so heartless, come and shoot up an elementary school? These poor kids are terrified.

Gun violence needs to stop, because there should not be over 6,000 people who have passed away because of gun violence.

Previous Roosevelt student Brookelyn Annaya said, “Jesus, honestly I feel like it needs to stop, because that brings so much anger, sadness and just pain in the world and losing people is the worst. We’re put on this world to do good and live our life. Yes, it’s hard but I feel like gun violence isn’t the way to go.”

ERHS Senior Kaitlyn Rios also shared her thoughts on the gun violence occurring recently.

“I think they should stop selling guns if it’s defense or not, people can’t control their anger, it can cause things to go over board,” Rios said.

They shouldn’t just sell guns to random people who think “they need it.” Now, people have to have a permit and I think people should get a permit to be able to have one in their house. It sucks, because we don’t know who’s responsible and who isn’t.

Now, when it comes to home invasions. There has been 145,529 home invasions in the US, that is also unnecessary. Not only are people afraid to go out, but people are also aware of their houses.

Why? Why can’t people be comfortable and feel safe in their own homes? Why does someone have to invade their privacy.

Texas has the most home invasions in the US, with over 91,628 home invasions reported. I also feel like people need to stop breaking into people’s homes, 145,529 home invasions have been reported in the US overall.

Roosevelt’s Intervention/crisis Counselor, Sarah Gonzalez says, “It’s one of my biggest fears. As citizens, we should be more aware and look out for each other. People are also desperate about their food and other things in the house. It is very scary.”

ERHS student, Alina Gamboa, said, “Being a child, it is very scary to think what a burglar can actually do.”

Like I’ve said before, I think we should be more aware, especially for our surroundings. Anything could happen within seconds, minutes, days, or even longer. God Forbid. But I do say, live your life, do what you wanna do, and yes it can be very scary out in the world, but all you can really do is pray it never happens, and just keep going.