New Wolf Pack Series on Paramount+ By Teen Wolf Creators

Opinion on New show by Teen Wolf Creators


Alyah Wright, Journalist

Recently the creators of the “Teen Wolf” series, which aired on MTV and was a fan favorite of the channel, came out with a new werewolf show “Wolf Pack.” The first episode aired January 26 on the streaming service, Paramount+, in which a new episode will be released every Thursday. I think anyone who was a fan of the “Teen Wolf” series would be very invested in this show.

The Plot:

When a huge fire ignites in the forest close to a very popular road weird things start happening. First, there’s a stampede of animals running out of the forest, people start running out of cars, even a school bus, to avoid the animals. Sadly they aren’t fast enough and lots of them get injured or bitten by animals. But there’s also this mysterious creature that has been set free due to the fire. The next thing you know, two kids were bitten and start changing. Then, two other kids’ mysterious secret begins to be exposed to the two who were bitten.

My Opinion:

So far I have watched the two episodes that have been released and I’m so invested in this show. It’s so good and it makes it better that the main characters are teens. I also love how they made one of the main character’s sibling autistic to kind of bring awareness to it. It also has so many relatable topics from overbearing parents to divorced parents to adoptive parents. I honestly can’t wait for the next episode, I wish next Thursday could come sooner.

When I asked ERHS junior, Makayla Chavez, if she would watch it, at first she said the plot sounded interesting, but she’s not into werewolf sci-fi type of shows. Then I told her it was by the creators of “Teen Wolf” and asked again if she would watch it.

“Definitely not, that show was so cringe,” Chavez said. So maybe she might like it if she gave it a chance, who knows, but for her personally, who the creators of the show are is an instant turn off to not watch it.

When I asked another ERHS junior, Berlyn Ly, if she would watch it she said it actually sounds really interesting and like something she would watch, but, “I just don’t have the time with all my school work to watch it,” Ly said. But maybe in her spare time, who knows, she might get invested like me.

Me, personally- I think you should give this show a watch. What do you have to loose…