Roosevelt Stories(Chapter of the Week)


Ethan Jae Roberts, Club Writer/Entertainment writer

 The Ferocious Five


Mary Lou-Johnson

Atlanta, Georgia

Nothing like living a lavish life in the summer state of Georgia. I woke up in my king-sized bed, extending my arms to stretch. “HARRY!” I rang the bell on my nightstand. The butler came inside and panted. “I’m hungry. Make breakfast.” I demanded.

Harry sighs, “Mary, it’s six in the morning. Perhaps you can wait–”

I raised an eyebrow. “I’ll tell my daddy.” I said sharply. “You know what happens when I tell my daddy.”

Harry sighs again. “I’ll tell the maid,” he saunters away. Good for him! At least I’ll have a full stomach when I go to school!

My daddy owns two mansions, both of which are near Atlanta. My mommy owns a restaurant, let me remind you, a FIVE-STAR restaurant! My mommy lets me play with the chefs there and at our mansion. They don’t like me though, but I could care less!

It was just any other boring Friday morning. I walked into the kitchen expecting breakfast. What do I get? Nothing! As one of the chefs stated, “Mary, I can’t keep making food for you or your family. I can’t even stand you! You’re so spoiled!” She storms out of the kitchen, leaving nothing but a butcher knife. I guess she couldn’t handle what I had to say!

“Mama, can’t you hire more chefs from your restaurant?” I asked.

“I could, but you know how they are about the workplace and such,” she says, “I’ll try to make it work, sweetheart.”

As usual, Daddy drives me in his Mercedes Benz to school, which was a five minute drive. Everybody knows at school how rich my daddy is, so I’m friends with a lot of people. Daddy opens the car door, and I jump out and surprise everyone with a new pink skirt. I had on high heels, a white fur coat, and a white scarf. “Hey y’all!” I greeted everyone. All the boys ran up to me and began to touch my scarf, to which I slapped away their disgusting hands. I couldn’t stand to get anything on my brand new clothes.

“How’d you get all them new stuff?” said one boy.

“My daddy’s rich,” I simply tell them, “Now shoo! You’re gonna get my stuff dirty!” I walked away from him. Class ended up starting five minutes later. As the day went on, each moment became more and more boring. By the time recess rolled around, I had enough time to pass out the invitations I made for my birthday party. Harry had made them for me, and they looked fabulous! I picked my two friends, Kate and Cindy, and this one boy who liked me as a joke. I was planning on kicking him out during the party–I don’t like boys. They’re disgusting, ugly, and belong outside like dogs!

When I walked up to the boy, his face lightened up as he said, “Hot dog! I’ll be there as soon as I can, Mary!”

I smiled, crossing my fingers behind my back.