What a piece of art can do to someone.


Yazmin Gamboa

“When a book, a piece of art, or music, saves your life, you’re ready to be an artist.”

I think everything has a meaning behind it. Any piece of art can bring someone memories, flashbacks, etc. You can’t write a song just because, and have no meaning behind it. You can’t read a book without picturing what’s in it or not having a certain meaning behind it, because what’s the point? Everything has a standard of what every little thing is about. There’s a meaning behind every story, chapter, and picture. This quote has inspired me to do anything, because there have been songs that have saved me, plenty of times. And honestly if it wasn’t for music, who knows what I’d do.

I wanted to get a different perspective from different people to see what they thought about a piece of art saving someone. So I asked, “How do you feel about a piece of art saving you/someone? Do you believe it can?”

Previous ERHS student Shauntel Hibbitt said, “I believe it can because it may have meaning that’s personal and special to you and you could have formed some bond with the piece of art or a song or a book you read. There’s nothing wrong with being emotionally connected to whatever you’ve created.”

Another Previous ERHS student, Nataile Franco, said, “Yeah it could, because art comes in different forms.”

Previous ERHS student Yasmine Heredia said, “I believe a piece of art, for example literature, can save me. I pray a lot and every sentence I use is in a way a form of art that’s been said to manifest and find faith. So yes I so believe art can save me if it is true and within.”

Any piece of art, no matter what it is, can save someone’s life. It could be because they relate to the author or what the piece is saying, so they have that feeling that they aren’t alone.

For example, literature. By reading anything that can bring your mind to ease, it can be sending you a message saying “find your path, but find the right path for you.” A book can have so much potential depending on the understanding of the person reading it. The book can have the quotes, the stories, but it’s up to the reader to find the meaning. Books can also hold so much power with someone. Again, depending on how the reader is reading it.

I am currently reading this book “The Wedding,” and so far it’s been good.  I’ve been getting into more books, just to be off my phone more, and actually find something to learn or do outside of social media. I feel like books have been helping me ease my mentality. Nobody understands that there’s more than just being on the phone 24/7. I may be on it to listen to music and to search something up, but I’ve realized that, why focus on what everyone else is doing, when I could be at home reading a book that I could picture and imagine. I’ve learned so many things just by reading and being in my own world. It’s so different than reading something that’s been posted on the phone or the internet. Yeah, it may be nice to read certain things online, but physically having a book in your hand, feels so good.