Roosevelt Short Stories


Ethan Jae Roberts, Club Writer/Entertainment writer

The Blind Crow

Ethan J. Roberts

Dicktown, New York. It was once a pleasant city with people filled with happiness and harmony. Not too long ago, a riot erupted from the town. The reason behind it remains unknown.

Nowadays, the city lies in ruin and despair. Despite it all, an old, blind crow still thrives, but in solitude and depression. Anxious to find his way out, he desperately spreads his wings and flies, bumping into random trees or poles. He was on the edge of giving up, surrendering everything he fought.

It was a Saturday when a strong, aggressive blizzard hit the town. The crow had built a nest beforehand to protect him from the sudden forecast of snow, but the nest wasn’t strong enough to protect him form this. When the blizzard had ended, it left him almost dead. The old crow was bereft of everything. It seemed as though the world was about to end, at least for him. Then, he heard a distant coo, sounding a lot like a pigeon. He looked up, and there stood a white pigeon, its appearance distorted in the crow’s eyes. “Do you need help, sir?” the pigeon asked.

“Yes! So desperately, yes!” the crow jumped up. He grabbed onto the pigeon’s wing and climbed on his back. It was then that the two formed a strong bond.

Now, the crow sits on a tree branch in a modern city of New York, bonding with other crows and eating more of his favorite foods–blueberries. With his spirit in the air a few weeks past, he will forever remember the time where the pigeon had saved him.