The beginning of someone’s healing journey


Yazmin Gamboa

Healing: You can heal so many different ways, but you also need to make sure that when you’re healing, you’re also doing it the healthy way. Going through the healing process is not easy and it never will be. There’s this quote that came along on my Instagram and it said, “Healing is going to hurt, till it isn’t.” I made sure to pin that quote in my head, it ended up giving me some type of motivation.

When it comes to healing, you got to find what makes you happy. Don’t worry about what others have to say. Don’t pay attention to anybody else’s moves. You’re healing the way you want to be healed. You’re taking your own path, not anybody else’s.

One of my ways of healing is making quotes. Sometimes it’s hard to find a quote that makes sense, but when some words pop into my head, I tend to put it all together. When you’re writing or reading any poem, book, or any art piece, you have to have a meaning behind them. For example, I take anything from my past or anything that I’ve struggled with and turn it into a lesson, or piece of advice. We all have different stories and different backgrounds on why we act the way we act, and why we did what we did.

I made this quote saying, “Everything takes time, trust me. Don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t do it. Know what you’re capable of and don’t push yourself too hard. (little self care tip) give yourself a break when you need it, believe in yourself, because nobody’s going to get you where you want to go, but you.” Like I said, nobody’s going to have your back or pick you up, but you.

Relationships/friendships: Now when it comes to friendships, you can have this big group of friends and they would still turn their backs on you. But why have a big group, that one, doesn’t support you, and two, isn’t there for you? When you can have someone, that one special person who supports you through everything, makes time for you, and makes sure you’re okay. It’s okay to have a small group, but it should be made up of people who never turn their backs on you.

I bring this topic of relationships up because, having those two friends and having healthy friendships is also a part of healing. It’s another example of healing the healthy way.

Relationships (love): Now when it comes to love, do not, and I am telling you, do not love anybody else more than you love yourself. Do not let somebody make the same mistake twice, they will continue to do it. For those going through a break-up, don’t go finding someone else right away to get over the person. Heal yourself, take the time you need, for yourself.

I’m going to tell you this one time and one time only: it’s okay to cry. Don’t hold your feelings in and let them eat you up, because trust me, they will.

“Be your own best friend. Be your own soulmate. Be the love of your life.” Do not expect someone to stay in your life forever. When the time’s right, it’ll come.

“Just because it’s taking time, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.”

“Why give someone else the attention and reassurance & everything that they want, when you can give that to yourself.”

Those are some of my quotes that I, myself, am still learning.

Self love: Treat yourself with respect. Give yourself the respect you would want from others. Find things that YOU like to do.

Girls: Having a hard time in the morning and getting out of bed? What do you want to do? You can always take a hot shower, relax for a bit, watch your favorite show or movie. Eat your favorite food. Then you can get up and go out, buy yourself flowers (if you like flowers). Like I said, if you’re interested in something that you love, do it.

Boys: Same goes for you. Working out is always a good coping mechanism, same goes for girls. Treat yourself and spoil yourself. Do what makes you happy.

Finding your own peace can take a minute to find. Delete all the negativity out of your mind. Remove those who do not deserve to be in your life. Remove those who have done you wrong more than once, do not let them do it again. Because the more you’re letting them do it over and over, it’s another way of you letting them in.

ERHS Student Autumn Rubel says, “After reading this, I was fascinated by how well put together it was. I completely agree with what you had mentioned about relationships, as well as the advice you gave for others who may not know exactly how they should cope. I think that writing poems is a beautiful coping mechanism, and can really allow you to let out everything that has been weighing you down. Healing itself is a process that can take a long time; days, months, even years. The most important thing though is to understand that it’s a mile not a sprint, and even though it may not feel like it, every day you get a little bit further into your healing journey. Coping mechanisms are meant to help comfort you through this journey, and put your mind at ease. The ones that you had written down previously are truly amazing, and are even some things that I do for myself. All in all, this was written beautifully and I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

A previous ERHS student, Brookelyn Anaya said : “My thoughts about healing is taking your focus you put on everyone else and putting it on yourself. However, I feel like healing is hard because it’s all in the mind and the mind is the strongest part of the body that you need to fight your way through to start your healing. Getting rid of the negativity, trying to find love back to back, trying to be someone you’re not, and more of just the simple things. Healing is a great thing and important but very difficult to achieve.”

“Could there be healthier ways to heal?” I asked her.

“I think maybe just doing simple things as in starting a daily/nightly routine, doing something you love, meditating, just things you could do to keep your mind strong and focused on your happiness, is a healthier way,” Anaya said. “You go out, get fresh air and be apart of the community you’re in but doing you.”

I agree 100% with these two beautiful girls. Healing in the healthiest way can really take you somewhere you want to go and lead you on the right path that you’re heading towards.