Elizabeth Meyer, Journalist

The date read December 14, 2078, frost coved the ground outside, and seeing my breath in the air made me feel even colder. I’ve heard it’s the coldest winter they’ve had in Berken. It was always warm in Satanville no matter what season it was. My mom and I moved from Satanville to Berken for my mom’s job, we move a lot so I don’t try to find friends anymore. We’ve been in Berken for a month now and I still have trouble finding the shops so I like to go and explore the town any chance I get. One day I go to explore and I saw a boy, he wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, so I don’t know why he caught my eye but he did. So I decided to go and have a conversation with him, he didn’t seem very confident and didn’t talk much, but he did tell me his name was Sam. Sam asked for my name

“Jacky nice to meet you,” I said.

Sam asked me why I moved to Berken and I told him it was because of my mom’s job and we moved a lot. “That sucks I’m sorry, I would hate to keep moving around,” Sam said to me.

“Yeah it’s though but I don’t mind it’s for my mom you know.”

After a while, Sam seemed to talk more the more comfortable he got. Sam was showing me around the town, “It’s getting colder I think I’m gonna head home I’ll see you later Sam.”

When I got home the fireplace was going and my mom was making my favorite soup “What’s the special occasion,” I asked laughing.

“It’s just thanks for being so cool about moving… again.” My mom always feels terrible about moving around a lot, she is always stressed so I try to help her out as much as possible. “How’s the soup?” my mom asked me.

“It’s good like always, mom.”

“Did you find any cool things today?” she as curiously.

“Yeah, I also think I made a friend today. His name is Sam.”

“Yay I’m glad you made a friend,” my mom says. “Be careful, don’t trust Sam right away,” she said.

The next day at school I see a familiar face, “Sam is that you?”

He turned around “Hey Jacky.”

We talked for a while and decided to meet at lunch. After what seemed like forever, it was finally lunchtime. I headed to the lunch area and saw Sam, waiting for me, we ate the trashy lunch that the school gives and had a good time. When the lunch bell rang Sam asked me if I wanted to hang out with him after school.

“Sure! Where would you like to go?”

He said he knew a place and he would send me the address later for us to meet. We exchange numbers and head back t our classes. a while later I receive a text from Sam.

“Meet at the corner of the bakery down the street.”

“kk see you later!” I replied.

The school bell finally rang to go home and I started to walk over to the bakery. I got to the bakery and waited, minutes went by and Sam still hadn’t shown up. So I messaged him and got no reply. Another 30 minutes went by, still nothing, so I messaged him again to tell him that I was leaving. I go to walk home when I heard my name being called from behind me.

“Jacky! I’m so sorry I had to clean up before you got here it was messier than I thought,” Sam says apologetically.  We end up not walking far from the bakery. Sam and I talked and I felt something I had never felt before. The more we talked the more I felt this weird feeling. I ignore the feeling and try to bush it off.

I checked my phone and realized that 3 hours had passed by, and I had 18 missed calls from my mom.

“Oh God, I need to go,  forgot to tell my mom.”

I pack up all of my stuff and get ready to leave. As I was about to leave, I got dragged down to the ground.

“Sam! What are you doing? I need to go!”

Sam didn’t say a word. I started to back up to leave, I was almost to the door when I feel a hot breath on my neck, I turned around and it was an 8-foot tall monstrous creature.

That monster was Sam, I don’t how I knew but I did, I could just tell that it was him.

“Sam?” I said, backing up into a corner, but I’m grabbed by the long claws of the creature. I knew that this was it.