Finals Week is Coming


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Emily Wang

Students are no stranger to finals week stress. With upcoming exams, projects, and work, it’s easy to begin feeling overwhelmed as the semester comes to a close.

If this feeling sounds familiar, you aren’t alone, sophomore Kira Lemus is one of these students.

“I’ve been feeling very stressed about finals. I don’t feel confident enough in my academic knowledge this semester,” said Lemus.

And according to Georgetown University’s Student Health Services page, “While each person responds to stress differently, it does have a physical, emotional, and psychological impact on everyone.”

The ERHS counseling team recognizes the effect of stress on students, and offer resources to students, not just during finals week but all year round.

A screenshot taken of the ERHS/eSTEM Resource Board

On the ERHS/eSTEM Resources Board, there are a number of links leading to any help you may need.

Of these include resources directing to counseling, mental help centers, and therapists.

There’s even something called the CNUSD Virtual Calm Room, a page that includes links to things like guided meditations, coloring pages, and animal cams.

“This Virtual Calming Room is a place for students and families to find tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings,” states the site, a message left by the CNUSD school counselors.

Students study for their finals in a variety of ways.

“To prepare for finals, I plan on going to tutoring with my math and chemistry teachers, along with creating study guides with my peers in those difficult subjects,” said Lemus.

Junior Melissa Moreno shares their plan as well.

“I’m looking back at notes, getting a healthy amount of sleep each night and just hoping for the best,” said Moreno.

There are also numerous study methods that can be found online.

My Degree Guide is a site dedicated to assisting students as they work towards their degree. In their 2023 study guide, they share their tips and tricks, including ways to enhance your study space and retain what you learn.

Good luck during finals week!