Our Opinions About The Show Wednesday! (SPOILERS)


Dex Avila and Alyah Wright

“Wednesday” is a show that was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, staring Jenna Ortega as the main character with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, Isaac Ordonez, Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane, Fred Armisen, and Christina Ricci appearing in supporting roles. On November 23, the show was officially published on Netflix. To summarize the show a little bit, it is about Wednesday Addams and how she had to move schools again because of something she did to protect her little brother from bullies. However, she ends up moving to Nevermore Academy where everyone there is considered an outcast. It also happens to be the school her parents went to and met at.

In an interview, Netflix asked, “How do you really feel about playing Wednesday Addams?”

Jenna Ortega responded with, “I honestly was so nervous to do this part, because I just wanna do her justice. Because I care about her and respect her so much. Wednesday’s such an iconic character, somebody that I always, one, was compared to my entire life. People always told me that I reminded them of Wednesday. I think because I tend to be very dry and monotone. It was really important to me that I did something different, because I didn’t want to be ripping anybody off. Even though she’s been done flawlessly in the past. My interpretation of Wednesday, or what we went with on set, because we did try a couple different versions… She’s a bit more socially awkward. There’s a confidence there, but it’s more concealed. She’s more to-the-point. She’s on a mission. And no one else really gets in the way. Wednesday’s currently a teenager. We’ve never seen her as a teenager before. She’s kind of in the rebelling stage. Does not want to be compared to her mom. Typically, she’s the smartest in the room. She’s always a few steps ahead of anyone. She’s never really worried about it, because she’s dealing with this serious investigation involving serial killers and murders and monsters. She doesn’t like to be proved wrong. I think everybody wishes that they were as bold as Wednesday. She says exactly what she’s thinking, and she doesn’t hold back, but she’s also not a brat about it. She’s confident. She doesn’t second-guess herself and she’s very sure of who she is. She may not show it in her face, but she expresses real emotion. Any frustration, any annoyance, any whatever, she makes it known. And I think that’s really powerful.”

Dex Avila: When I first saw the teaser for “Wednesday,” I was very interested in it right away because I have heard about “The Addams Family” before and have been planning on watching the 2019 film but haven’t had the time. Last weekend I have gotten a few numerous adds on Instagram about the show and I kept getting impatient waiting for it to come out last week.

So in my perspective, what I loved the most about this show was the dark humor. I love how Wednesday isn’t afraid to speak about what’s on her mind and how she doesn’t care how people feel about her. One specific scene I enjoyed mainly was the dance scene in episode 4. The reason why I enjoyed the scene so much is because Jenna Ortega specifically said in an interview how she choreographed her own moves that she was doing.

When I asked my friend Moss Evans his opinion about the show, he stated, “I felt great watching the show because seeing all the advertisements for Wednesday, I knew it was gonna be a great show to binge-watch. What made me enjoy watching the show is seeing Wednesday slowly building up trust and care for her friends even though she doesn’t show it. The scene I enjoyed the most was the dance scene and seeing them having fun and having a great time.”

Three days ago I found out that my other friend Atlas Edmunds had also seen teasers for the show. Even though he hasn’t specifically watched it, I was curious about what he thought about it anyways. When I asked him how he felt about the teasers he quoted, “I thought the teasers were cool, definitely different from the original Addams Family though. I also plan on watching it eventually.”

Alyah Wright: In my perspective, I knew that since it was going to be a show with Tim Burton involved that it would have dark elements in it. But what she didn’t expect is for there to be so much mystery, action, and love triangles involved in it too. I also enjoyed when Wednesday started to express her feelings and got more comfortable around people.

In my personal opinion, I would recommend this Netflix series to anyone interested in mysteries, dark television series, and romance.

Something I also find interesting was the actor Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the 1991 version of the Addams family, is also apart of the cast.

Even though the show “Wednesday” came out last Wednesday, so many people are already wondering if there will or will not be a second season. we personally do hope they add another season because we really enjoyed the humor in this show and we do hope to see more of it. Have you seen the show Wednesday? What did you think about it? Let us know! <3