Tiffins Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


The Tiffins sign, taken by Emily Wang

Emily Wang

Across the country in Orlando, Florida, the restaurant Tiffins lies near the heart of Disney World’s Animal Kingdom (one of Disney’s four theme parks located in Florida).

Animal Kingdom consists of various attractions, including shows, rides, and dining. Disney World promotes the park as a place to “Behold the Magic of Nature with Rare Animals and Wild Entertainment”.

Tiffins is a fine dining restaurant which serves a selection of African, Asian, and Latin foods. It pays homage to the Imagineers and animal experts who played a part in building Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Within the building there are various pieces of decor and art, showcasing the ideas and imagination that built Animal Kingdom.

The name ‘Tiffins‘, “refers to the light lunch meal prepared for working men in India, and the tiered containers the meals were served in”.

Upon entering the building, our group was transported to a place of relaxed ambience.

Sophomore Jessica Zhang, who made the reservation for the night describes her thoughts.

A picture of some of the decor showcased in Tiffins, taken by Emily Wang

“I liked how the setting of the place was… it was very dark and dim, showing its elegance,” said Zhang, who also mentions she ordered a little bit too much food.

As we were led to our table, we were already met with the hospitality of the restaurant’s staff as she explained to us the story behind the restaurant.

The service from the beginning to the end of the meal was exceptional. They also provided us the appropriate accommodations one of our group members requested.

Alena Talreja, a sophomore, shares her experience with Tiffins as a vegetarian.

“They had specialized menus designed for people that have specific allergies, it was really nice.” said Talreja, “It was really enjoyable because I was with my officers from FBLA.”

In addition to the enjoyable meal, Roosevelt’s FBLA chapter is in Orlando, Florida for the National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC). My order was an item off the menu titled ‘Surf and Turf’, which presented unique flavors and new tastes.

When traveling with FBLA, we not only get the chance to learn from workshops, keynotes, and speakers, but we are allowed the opportunity to immerse ourselves in new settings and places. We learn about new environments, cultures, and places, with all of it setting out the path for us to be great leaders.