Ethan’s Children (Story of the Week)


Ethan Jae Roberts, Club Writer/Entertainment writer

Ethan’s Children

Ethan J. Roberts


Not too long ago, there stood a lonely deity, Ethan, that had a distaste for humans- whom he thought of as the real monsters. He had once created a Monster that was granted the power of strength and wisdom. But days later, he discovered that they were kidnapped, tortured, and killed.

Out of pure rage, the deity wiped the earth of the human race, leaving nothing but animals and nuclear gas. It was then that he created a new species much related to humans: Monster Humans. The appearance of a Monster Human was similar to that of a smaller lion, but with horns, dragon-like wings, no manes, and powers.

Every year or so, humans would travel from different universes and examine the land of the Monster Humans. It was clear to them that their culture was different from humankind.

It was once foretold that human children would fall down a mysterious manhole, bringing them to another world; the world of Monster Humans. The children would be taken care of by the descendants of Ethan’s Children and bring peace between Monster Humans and humans again.

However, if this prophecy were to be corrupted, it would be grave danger for many of Ethan’s people. To combat this, Ethan created ten powerful Monster Humans to protect the children who fall and are destined to raise them as their own.

The question is, who are these children and how did they come about this mysterious manhole?