My Strange Familiar

Lazarus Mendoza

So, as the title says – My Strange Familiar is actually an AU (alternate universe) I made for my OC’s (original characters) solely for the sake of loving AU’s and these two characters to the ends of the world (AN: in the great words of Gollum; “my precious“) and this post will mostly be about the art I created for them rather than about the AU itself. But anyhow, I draw them close to 24/7 except lately I’ve been stressed with courses and I’ve been unmotivated with life in general – but I’ve been slowly dragging myself together and have managed to actually have enough motivation for a few things, both school and art related (AN: Hooray to me). And in this case specifically, I had my OC’s, Maikol and Jericho, as a Witch (Jericho) and a Weredog/wolf for a familiar (Mickey) drawn in this AU. The AU itself is still rather iffy and in debate, but a certain part is that Mickey is Jericho’s accidental and strange familiar, maybe unusual but destined to be soulmates regardless. (AN: I actually love and rather embrace the idea that in any universe these two would run right back to each other :))

But, enough of my blabbing, here’s the pieces!

(AN: Pardon the bad quality, I haven’t yet learned how to transfer the photos on my kindle anywhere other than me taking a picture of it on the kindle from my phone 🥲)

Each piece took me a whole day and a whole night – I did not sleep for these two. And I’m drawing all of these pieces on a kindle, budget artist life (this is a lighthearted joke don’t come at me pls). But I’ve really wanted to learn how to draw digital again, I’ve only ever used my phone and this is the progress I’m making so far, quiet frankly as a main traditional artist, I’m proud of myself. It isn’t the best, but it’s also not half bad considering all odds. I drew everything myself and without reference even (which might actually explain why some of the limbs may or may not look funky) and did all the backgrounds and lightings myself. You can see a few changes, like the tip of the tail and inside’s of Mickey’s ear’s are a sort of off grey color but in the bigger picture it’s a pure color – honestly that’s because I couldn’t make up my mind on which I prefer and never went back to change it. But regardless, here were my pieces again – hope you enjoyed. 🙂