Nintendo’s Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet Differences, What to Expect, Leaks, etc. (SPOILERS!)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violets official banners. Creds: Wikiwand

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s official banners. Creds: Wikiwand

Daisy Moss

“Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet” is the long awaited new installment in the Pokémon series, and is the ninth generation of games. The game is set in the Paldean region, based specifically on Spain but also Latin and South American countries, with many new Pokémon based off Latin culture and traditions. Many new characters have been revealed or leaked, as well as the entire regional Pokédex, a device that records every creature you catch and every creature available in the game. Characters such as gym leaders, a possible elite four, the player’s rival, the professors, and antagonists, such as the leader of Team Star, have all been revealed.

The Paladean starters; Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. Creds: the official Pokemon website
New character art revealed, creds: Illuminerdi
The Scarlet and Violet rival, Nemo. Creds: Gamesradar
Professor Sada and Turo, creds: GameFreak/Pokemon official website
Paldean Electric gym leader Iono, creds: Bleeding Coral

Fans across the globe have been anticipating its release since the official announcement on February 27, and the game is scheduled for release on November 18. Thus far there are at least 164 confirmed Pokémon in the region’s Pokédex, new game mechanics such as picnics, sandwich making, the new way to take in-game photos, and three confirmed gameplay routes players can choose from. All three routes can be played and completed on one savefile, and a DLC may be released in the near future, similarly to “Sword and Shield’s” Crown Tundra and Isle of Armor.

The “Scarlet” version will have exclusive ancient paradox forms, and the “Violet” version will have exclusive futuristic paradox forms, both forms having specific Pokémon not interchangeable. (Although they will be tradeable!)


Ancient paradox Pokemon leaked by centroleaks on Twitter.
Future paradox Pokemon leaked by centroleaks on Twitter.


Many avid fans dislike the third stage evolutions of the new starters, as well as the new Pokémon designs and version exclusives. Debates among fans over which version is better are common practice and taking place already even before either game has been released.

Self proclaimed super fan and Centennial High junior Stephanie Jones says, “I prefer Koraidon (the Scarlet legendary beast) over Miraidon (the Violet legendary), but I hate all the starters’ third stages. I think I’ll bench my starter once I get further in the game, but I’m very excited to play it, and I might buy both versions. Scarlet’s paradox forms are better than Violet’s too, but they’re basically the same game.”

Newer gen Pokémon fan and Colony High senior Isaiah Ramirez says, “I’m so excited for the release, I’m not even going to school on Friday, I wanna play it so bad. It looks like a major improvement from Sword and Shield, which was my first Pokémon game. I’m gonna choose Quaxly as a starter, just ’cause it reminds me of Jotaro (Kujo).”

As the release date for Scarlet and Violet draws near, many people are considering whether to buy it or not, and celebrating with countdowns. Will you be playing either installment? And if so, which version do you prefer so far? Happy gaming!