Daylight Savings…

Nuha Alayleh

Personally, I like daylight saving time. It makes me feel more productive throughout my day. Currently, daylight saving time ended on Sunday, November 6. Now, The sun sets at around 4:50 pm, By the time I come home from school, the sun would usually be setting. I feel like my day was so unproductive because, by the time the sun sets, I feel so tired. On the other hand, I feel like we ruin our sleep schedules twice a year for no reason.

Originally daylight saving time was meant for us to make better use of natural daylight. Senator Marco Rubio approved the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021. The Sunshine Protection Act was introduced on March 9, 2021, and was approved by the Senate on March 15. It is a bill that was suggested so that daylight saving time would become permanent. Every year more Americans join to support the Sunshine Protection Act. Currently, it is being held at the desk of The House of Representatives. The House has held a committee hearing on the matter. They have to approve it before it goes to the President to sign.

The U.S. Sun

The National Association of Convenience Stores is opposing this because they were telling congress “We should not have kids going to school in the dark.”

ERHS senior, JuanCarlos Chavez likes daylight saving time because he thinks, “People should want to spend more time in the daytime, with light. I feel like it is easier to get stuff done, especially because if they took out daylight savings, I feel like they should take it out during the summer, not the winter.”

Madison Saldana, a junior at ERHS feels that “I miss daylight saving time because then it gets dark later, and I feel more productive throughout my day.”

Rubio alleged that even though it is not the most important issue facing America right now, it is one of the issues that many people agree with. He also said that supporters agreed the change would not take place until November 2023, after they hear input from the airlines and broadcasters.