“Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” Review! **SPOILERS**


The Disney+ splash for their latest animated Star Wars show, “Tales of the Jedi”

Izzy Casillas, Journalist

Star Wars fans have had a lot to look forward to lately! Disney has recently released “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi,” a series of shorts about two Jedi on their different paths. SPOILERS FOR “TOTJ” INBOUND!

There are a total of six short episodes, ranging from 13-17 minutes each. These shorts center around two very different and distinct Jedi characters, Ahsoka Tano and Dooku. Or rather, it would be more appropriate to say that these are both characters who are notably no longer Jedi, something that helps them to be so distinct.

Ahsoka Tano grew up in the Jedi Order, becoming Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan apprentice during the beginning of the Clone Wars. She fought alongside him for a long part of the war, until she was framed for crimes she didn’t commit and expelled from the Order. Anakin helped to clear her name and invited her to join the Order again. Ahsoka was left feeling disillusioned and lost, and declined the invitation to rejoin.

Dooku, more commonly known as Count Dooku, has a complicated story as well. He grew up with the Jedi, but had darkness hinted in him and could be questionable at times. He lost his faith in the Jedi, leaving them and the Republic to join the Separatist Alliance and as the apprentice of the evil Sith Lord Sidious, eventually being killed as a pawn in Sidious’s game.

Ahsoka’s first short is “Life and Death,” which focuses on her as a baby in her village. Her second short is “Practice Makes Perfect,” which focuses on learning some moves from Anakin as a Padawan (and a few flashes forward in time). The last Ahsoka episode is “Resolve,” which shows the choices that Ahsoka makes after the war and during the reign of the Empire.

Dooku’s first short is “Justice,” where he and his young apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn intervene in the kidnapping and retrieval of a Senator’s son. His second short is “Choices,” where he and Mace Windu investigate the death of a fellow Jedi, leading both Dooku and the Jedi to making some choices. His last short, “The Sith Lord,” follows the death of Dooku’s apprentice Qui-Gon, and the crucial decisions he makes after the event that puts him on a new path.

Half of the shorts are devoted to Ahsoka’s story and the other half devoted to Dooku’s, which can pose a question: which character’s shorts are better?

Personally, I preferred the Dooku shorts over the Ahsoka ones.

Art of Jedi Master Yaddle, drawn by Instagram user @hidden_scribble

While my favorite short of them all is an Ahsoka short, “Practice Makes Perfect,” I feel as though the Dooku ones are more enjoyable overall and have much more to offer in terms of a story. Every episode is incredible in its own way, but the Ahsoka ones are a bit predictable.

The last short personally fell a bit short for me. It definitely had great moments, but it was partly inspired by the events of the novel “Ahsoka” by EK Johnston. This novel doesn’t seem to be entirely retconned, but for the purposes of canon, in most cases the television series trumps everything. The events in the novel are much more exciting and spend more time exploring new characters and important choices, and it seems a bit of a waste to just throw away the novel’s events in favor of remaking it for a 16 minute short.

The Dooku shorts were exciting and fresh. Ahsoka is adored by fans (myself included), but this also means that a lot of her story has been explored. In contrast, we know what eventually happens to Dooku, but we don’t know exactly how he fell to the darkness. These shorts fill in some of that time before the war and shows his gradual nudges away from the Jedi, something that hadn’t been explored much before. It also shows some characters we haven’t seen much, like Qui-Gon Jinn and Jedi Master Yaddle.

Art by Instagram user @ajoy_draws, featuring the different creatures seen in TOTJ

“I preferred Ahsoka’s [shorts], most because I’m a big fan of her and the other characters in her shorts, like Anakin and Rex,” said Instagram video edit creator @besutiful_soka, who created a beautiful edit of Padme and Ahsoka (click to watch!). “My favorite episode was the last one. I just thought the acting was amazing, especially with Ashley’s. You could hear the pain in her voice when she was talking to Bail.”

“Though I love Ahsoka, I actually enjoyed the Dooku episodes more,” said Instagram artist @ajoy_draws, who drew some of the creatures featured in TOTJ. “It was really interesting to see his fall to the dark and how he always turned to violence before reasoning. Seeing other underrated Jedi like Yaddle was really cool because we hardly got to see her in the movies.”

Overall, “Tales of the Jedi” is an amazing show, with tributes being made to it by fans such as Instagram user @stxrk.and.skywxlker. “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” is streaming on Disney+!