Andor Episode 9 Breakdown – “Nobody’s Listening!” – SPOILER WARNING!


Izzy Casillas

Mon Mothma standing alone in her Coruscanti residence after her cousin Vel leaves

Izzy Casillas, Journalist

Episode 9 of “Andor” was released on November 2, titled “Nobody’s Listening!” This episode is particularly chilling and dark, fully displaying the true cruelty of the Empire. THIS IS YOUR SPOILER WARNING FOR EPISODE 9!!!

The episode opens with ISB agent Dedra Meero attempting to interrogate Bix Caleen. Bix is a resident of Ferrix, close to Cassian Andor, and has contacted the buyer known in the ISB as “Axis.” Axis is Luthen Rael, seen helping Cassian in previous episodes. The ISB believe Axis to be connected to both the Imperial robbery of Aldhani and rebel activity, something they want to erradicate. Bix is tortured by Imperial Dr. Gorst, who uses a headset on her. The screams of a species massacred for standing up against the Empire has the intended effect of weakening Bix and forcing her to comply with the interrogation.

Cassian Andor is then shown at Narkina 5, the Imperial labor factory and prison. Cassian is constantly curious about how the facility operates. He is shown sneaking away to saw through equipment before rejoining the group, where he whispers with another inmate about their chances of taking on the guards and working to escape.

Mon Mothma makes another appearance, this time in the Senate chamber, giving a speech that is not very well received. She heads back to her Coruscanti residence, where her cousin is waiting for her. Her cousin is revealed as Vel, the woman who worked with Cassian on the Aldhani operation.

Cassian is shown again in the tunnels of the facility with other inmates, where they figure out that something is severely wrong on another level of the facility. He is alarmed, and asks fellow prisoner and overseer Kino Loy for information on the prison schematics before Kino serves his sentence. Kino is adamant in telling Cassian that he just needs to comply, and that rebellion is useless, but Cassian fights back. He knows that all the prison needs is to make sure the workers obey and fill quotas, and that the Empire won’t bother wasting time listening to them.

Meero is shown at a brief ISB meeting, where she updates her superior on the successful interrogation of Bix. The ISB is starting to connect Cassian to the Aldhani robbery.

The factory is shown again, where other shifts reveal to Cassian and his shift that allegedly, an entire floor of workers were murdered. Everyone is alarmed, and even steadfast Kino is starting to seem questioning of the system.

This episode gives us an update on Syril Karn. His mother Eedy is constantly berating him about his lack of empathy towards her, to which he responds that he has been promoted. Karn is later seen stalking Meero near the ISB headquarters, thanking her for the promotion she had nothing to do with. He is adamant about continuing to help her find Cassian and about their shared beliefs about the galaxy, but Meero wants nothing to do with him and threatens him to make sure he stays away.

Before Vel leaves, she and Mon Mothma have a hushed conversation. Mothma thinks they are too far in, but Vel assures her that they are making a difference and doing something with their lives. Mothma meets again with her friend Tay Kolma to discuss how to make her shifty bank accounts seem normal after using thousands of credits to help the Rebellion. Kolma suggests enlisting a thug of a banker to help, Davo Sculdun, which Mothma is immediately against.

Cassian Andor asking how many guards are on each level, Kino Loy answering “Never more than twelve.”

The ending of the episode is especially chilling. Ulaf, a member of Cassian’s labor team, has been repeatedly unsteady throughout the episode. He finally collapses, and an offhand comment from the medtech helping him ease into a peaceful death prompts Kino and Cassian to hushed questioning. It is revealed that a whole floor of workers was killed because they discovered a haunting secret: even if prisoners have served their assigned days, there is no escape from the prison and they will be reassigned. Cassian asks Kino again about how many guards are on each level.

A quietly fuming Kino answers, “Never more than twelve.”

“[The prisoners] even said that they’re cheaper than actual droids, so that’s why they have them there making stuff, amd they’re just easily disposed of. These guys feel like there’s no way out,” said John Ramos, an avid and original fan of “Star Wars” and “Andor.” “I’m still trying to figure it out, where does that play a part into the bigger picture?… I can’t wait every week to watch it. Every week, I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen. You wanna know if they’re gonna make it, if they’re gonna escape from there.”

“It’s a well produced show, the music does of a great job with how it ties it all in together. Just the actors and actresses, they play a wonderful part,” said Uriel Casillas, a huge fan of the series. “At the end of every episode, I’m excited, and I’m actually very bothered that I’ve gotta wait a week to watch the next show, but it gives me an anticipation for another Wednesday to see what the series will bring our way.”

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