The Standing Figure (short story)

The Standing Figure (short story)

Yazmin Gamboa

One night my friends and I were walking to the park that was next to a cemetery. That had been our hang out spot every night.  We get to the park, “something doesn’t feel right.” Makayla said.

“What do you feel?” I asked.

“I felt a breeze go down my spine.” Makayla said. I had told Makayla not to worry about it and to keep walking.

Later that night, we had already walked 3 blocks in. As we got to a corner of the sidewalk, something looked strange. One of my friends had pointed out a standing figure on the other side of the street light.

“Am I tripping, or am I seeing that?” Edward pointed out.

I immediately turned around to see what he was talking about.

“Hello!?” I exclaimed, I got no answer back.

“Stop!” Makayla yelled.

“What?” I asked, “He’s not going to hurt us, we don’t even know what that is or who it is.” I said.

We all started walking closer to it, as we got closer, the figure started backing away slowly. We then started hearing noises coming from the cemetery, we started walking away from the black figure and started following the noise. It had sounded like a little girl yelling for help.

I then walked up to the cemetery gate and asked “anybody there?” I got no answer, I looked at my friends, and they were all confused and frightened. I yelled again “Is anybody there?” Once again, I got no answer.

I decided to just keep walking and not worry about it so much. Then, the black figure reappeared.

“There it is again.” Edward said.

At this point, I started getting annoyed, “Excuse me, whoever’s there, can you please leave me and my friends alone, we’re not doing anything but walking around.”

The figure started moving faster towards us.


We all ran. We all turned back around and the figure was gone.

“I’m going tot go home.” I said.

“Okay” everyone said.

I got home and told my parents what had happened, from there on out, I had never gone out with my friends to the park again.