Story of the Week!


Ethan Jae Roberts, Club Writer/Entertainment writer


Ethan J. Roberts

In the depths of Hell, a rogue Succubus gave birth to a rather strange boy, to which she named him Jabberwocky. Years have gone by as fast as the speed of light, and so Jabberwocky the Clown was roaming freely around the forests of Big Bear. The Demon’s bottom half of his body was fur and hooves, whereas the top half would fool anybody into thinking that he was a normal person dressed up as a Clown.

It was Halloween night when three children dressed up as silly, little devils. Jabberwocky had smelt a scent in the air, leading him to a house where a father and the three children were grilling meat. Fresh meat; fresh from the market… the Clown wanted so desperately to intervene and steal their food. Hunger did not take advantage of the foolish Clown’s mind, instead luring him to another house.

He didn’t want anyone seeing him like this, so he had to blend in somehow… yes! A group of selfish teenagers would do!

Jabberwocky slowly sauntered behind the group; to say the least, they were quick to notice him. “Whoa! Nice costume!” One of the teenagers said.

Jabberwocky was befuddled at the compliment, for he did not speak the Human language. As he tried to understand what the teens were saying, he grinned and gave a thumbs up. Following the teens, he quickly realized that he could go up to random doors with his supposed “costume” and get candy. Sweet!

He did this for at least a couple of hours, but when midnight struck, his heart sank to the bottom of his hooves. He had to hurry, for the Devil himself granted him freedom only unless he came back at midnight. Jabberwocky did not know how to go back to the depths of Hell. All of a sudden, he collapsed to the floor. He didn’t move for hours on end. The sun began to slowly awake from its bed; Jabberwocky was dead by then. Before he fell, he had felt a sharp pain in his chest.

You’d be right to say that the Devil will grant wishes but only at a cost…and that would cost him his life. Poor, poor Jabberwocky…